Darna Zaroori hai

It’s been a long time since I wrote about what all Pari has been upto. I have been wanting to record it all from a while but each time somehow words failed me. This post has been sitting in my drafts, been updated almost 8 times but is nowhere near completion. Today I am finally going to complete it.

A lot has happened in the past two months. Pari seems to have grown up suddenly. I say so, for I can now see her understanding most things I say and do. She might not be able to say it aloud, but I can see clear signs that she understands every bit of it.

Her vocabulary has increased from mumma to baaba, bow-bow, abbitt (rabbit) and mooo. When asked,

1) Doggie kaise bolta hai? (How does a dog bark?) : She says, Bow- bow

2) Tota kaise bolta hai? (How does a Parrot tweet?) : She says, Tain -Tain

3) Gaga kaise bolti hai? (How does a Cow moo?) : She says, Moooooo

4) Kabbu kaise bolta hai? (What does a pigeon say?) : she’ll inflate her cheeks and with lips pursed produces a sound ummmmm…ummmm

5) Sher kaise bolta hai? (how does a lion roar?) : she makes perfect roaring sound at that.

The most important is the roaring sound, for everyone around is expected to be scared and show that they are scared each time Pari roars else she gets very angry. That’s her way of scaring us and getting things she wants done.

One fine evening, she was busy playing with her toys while my mum and dad were watching Animal Planet on TV. It was a show about the wild cats and suddenly the lion roared and started chasing a herd of zebra. Startled by the roar Pari turned to look towards the TV and as the lion leapt, she ran screaming with her hands above her head thinking the lion was chasing her.

Needless to say that we all had a hearty laugh that evening.

Pari has a colorful soft-toy dog. Whenever you press his nose he barks…pants…barks. Ever since Pari has started playing with it, every animal on the TV except birds and the lion is a dog for her. The minute she spots any animal on the TV screen she’ll point her finger in the direction and tells everyone, “Bow- bow”.

I have been trying to tell her that it’s not a dog, but I guess it’ll be a while before she’ll start recognizing animals correctly.

At the moment the animals and birds that she meets daily are the only ones that she recognizes correctly and also identifies them by their sound. If you point towards a crow and make the sound of a peacock, she’ll call it a foul by either making the bow-bow sound or will roar like a lion. So we better be right or be ready to tremble in fear like a dried leaf.

Her buddies from the animal kingdom include sparrows, pigeons, mynas, crows, parrots, doves, squirrels, cats, dogs, cows (she has a squeaking cow soft toy and besides gets to see a calf or a cow every now and then on the road) and her most favorite of all, lizards.

She absolutely loves scaring us with lizards. The minute she’ll spot any of them crawling on the wall, she’ll make a hissing sound, “Isss…ghiss” (that’s the name she has given them). What initially started with her recognizing them, went ahead to become a tool of scaring us (us here includes everybody including our domestic help and even guests).

She loves to see us scared to the extent that now she tries to discipline us by simply pointing towards any wall and uttering,” Isssss” and we are supposed to be scared else she’ll start roaring.

She has slowly grown to show her anger effectively. She pounds her feet on the ground, cries loudly and when I try to distract her, she tries to bite me. Yes, she bites with all her might. We have been discouraging her from biting and though there has been a substantial reduction in such episodes, but every now and then, I am the target who gets bitten by an angry baby.

Pari is a fussy eater. Feeding her anything is a very difficult task. Though distraction works sometimes but on most occasions it fails.

Talking about distraction, she is a music lover. All dance numbers are her favorite. Their starting notes are enough to light up her face and she’ll raise both her hands in the air and begins swaying with the beats.

The biggest shocker being she loves all songs of Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi. Well, her liking is driven strictly by the music beats and I am sure the day she’ll start recognizing Emraan, her liking shall stop suddenly (hopefully).

Besides, the Halkat Jawaani (movie: Heroine), Tu hi mera mera (movie : Jannat 2) and Mashallah (movie : Ek tha Tiger) the one song she absolutely loves and races towards the laptop squealing with joy from any corner of the house is the famous Gummy Bear song. You can see her trying her best to copy every step the gummy bear does in her own way.

I have just realised that I have so much to say about Pari, but I think I’ll do that in another post for Pari is up from her nap and I better run else she’ll start roaring err… start missing me. After all, darna zaroori hai!

The song on my mind : The Gummy Bear Song (with lyrics)

50 thoughts on “Darna Zaroori hai

  1. AH! Another Salman Khan fan in making 😉
    As far as Pari is concerned, She is a sweetheart re! Lol @ her getting scared! This is one of the most lovely phases of life na!



  2. Awww! kala tikka to the lizard loving, lion roaring, Emraan Heshmi (hai bhagwan!) loving, mama biting, cutie pie 🙂

    Dont worry about the biting, even R used to do it, and may be to do with the teething process….dont encourage it and do let her know it hurts, but otherwise, she should just get over it 🙂


    1. I too think her biting habit is linked to teething, but she makes my fingers tingle for as long as ten minutes at times 😥
      Seriously, Emraan Hashmi is too much a torcher to watch, and out of this big film industry she likes only him *sigh!*


  3. LOL @ ur hope of her disliking emraan hashmi once she starts recognizing who it is! 😀 😀 Hopeful, aren’t you? Good luck! 😉

    She is growing up way too fast isn’t she?


  4. LOl..It is all so similar na 🙂

    And what about these girls liking of Sallu & Emran…even Mishti is crazy about Sallu & Ranbir…she would rush to TV now a days if we say ‘Barfi’ is there 🙂
    It is so cute about that ‘roar & scare ‘ thing….and the best one was trying to discipline with Issss 😀
    Muahhhhhh pari darling…lotz of luv to u

    Arre i am so bothered about this biting & hitting thing…i mentioned in my blog as well, hope it is a phase 😦


    1. It actually is very similar to all you wrote about Mishti 😀
      Even Pari likes that song from Barfi that has all those vocal sounds, “aankhon aankhon mein…”
      Seriously the screaming and biting is so nerve wrecking at times 😦
      Lots of love to Mishti and yourself 😀


  5. awww.. pari is true pari yar.. this bow-bow scene is same in my house.. and every animal is kukka( dog in telugu) for bunty. bunty doesnt road, but would take her dress thread, knotting thing and frighten us saying its snake.. now dont ask me from where she learnt.. but i am supposed to be scared.. yup i am another victim of biting and pinches from bunty.. so soon these kids grow up na..


  6. Pari has mastered the art of scaring her mommy. Kids antics are always cute. One thing common with all kids are that they are fussy eaters. Almost all kids think eating is rather a punishment 🙂

    How old is Pari?


  7. First of all Kaala tikka for our sweetheart Pari.. She is such a doll really.. Oh but she liking lizards oh no.. 😦 Wow on her being such a music fan!! Emraan music hammmmm.. U know wat ME, u should start writing more on Pari now.. may be once in a week 1 blog dedicated to Pari… Sounds intresting to me already!! Any votes for this??


    1. I totally agree with you on writing more frequently about Pari but there are so many occasions when words fail me and I ahve no clue how to put her mischievous acts in words 😉
      But I’ll try to write more about her so that I can record every bit of it 😀
      Hugs dear


  8. like a dried leaf 😆
    Pari has grown up real fast no? Biting and hitting..ouchh..do one thing..you have Women’s Horlicks and let Pari dear have Junior Horlicks..will be helpful for both 😉

    I am dead scared of lizards 😦


  9. Oh my god, when did my little girl grow so much.. Such a cute post. You should write often about her. I am also lagging big time with Chucky updates.

    This is such a beautiful stage, enjoy your time with her. Even I have a fussy eater at home. Chucky had the biting habit when she was around 13-15months. With many firm nos and timeouts at daycare she knows that is not a good habit.

    Kisses to Pari from this aunty.


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