I have been noting this from a while but in the recent times it has become too obvious. Twitter played a key role in making me conscious about this weird phenomenon. Nah, it isn’t about social networking, but about me.

In the past two months I have participated in quite a number of contests. Few on the blog but majorly on Twitter. In some of the cases the top prize was an i-phone, i-pad, CoolPix cameras and other items of that order. Some even had international holidays as their top prizes. I was tempted to participate and I did quite OK. Nothing unusual about it.

Now the unusual part begins. While waiting for the results, my mind often analyses the prizes as, at present Pari is too young to travel to Paris or Melbourne or to the Dubai shopping festival. Besides I am in no mood to spend money on shopping overseas, mainly cause I hardly have that kind of money. So it’s OK if I don’t get the first prize.

Next in line are the iPhone, i-pad, etc. well who needs that extra bit of technology when I’ve got a laptop and then I never ever use internet on phone. I got a basic phone so why get something that’ll stay boxed as a priced jewel in some corner of my closet? OK so that prize also not keenly wanted. What’s left? you ask. The shopping vouchers of Flipkart, Baskin Robins, Snapdeal, etc. Well they excite me to no limits for then I canΒ buy loads of books & toys for Pari using those.

If you are wondering what’s the harm in this kind of thought process, let me share the bitter truth. The foolish me is getting excited about shopping vouchers worth 500INR to 1k INR but not wanting to get hold of something much valuable for which people are sending multiple entries, tweeting hundreds of tweets just to win those sassy gadgets.

Bottom-line is either I am slowly attaining nirvana by becoming a sanyasini. Oh no I am even wearing an orange dress today. The only other possibility, which I think is the bitter truth that I am loosing my mind and sense of what’s good and useful at a speed with which gravity attracts us when we jump for sky-diving without opening a parachute.

The song on my mind: Ye kya hua ~ Amar Prem

35 thoughts on “Nirvana

  1. Naaah…you are just being practical and wanting the stuff which would really do something good to you. How awesome is that – to strive for things which bring you real joy than those things, after which your heart isn’t really set πŸ™‚

    Your job here would be even more difficult no…getting the third prize precisely would involve tacit approach πŸ˜€


  2. well you are right in a way.. with intl’ trips and gadgets you have shed some money from your pocket too to make use of it but with vouchers its your choice. Well, most of the times we end of shopping for double the prize money which is the tactics of these prizes but still the choice remains with us.. so, vouchers seems to be a better choice πŸ™‚


  3. I would say you are just being practical in desiring things which are more useful rather than more expensive ones. Simple. I do it a lot while gifting something or asking for a gift, I always analyse utility factor more than the prize.


  4. I smiled at the line where you mentioned Sanyasini and orange dress πŸ˜€ Jokes apart ME.. I think there is nothing bitter in seeking what you feel is important to you. Its good that you are always not after 1st or 2nd prize but are able to analyse which would be helpful for you πŸ™‚ Just my 2 cents πŸ™‚


  5. We always dream for what we value in life – so what if your perspectives differ from the mass! Around every corner – every now and then you might find a fellow who is swimming against tide in the same direction as you are !


  6. he he….dnt worry..even i think like that many a times…foreign vacation is useless if there is no budget to better not win it at first place…:D
    But yes, gadgets should be ok…you can at least gift them to someone….if you are not too keen on using them….:)
    And gift vouchers are anyday fun!!….freedom to order what you want….:)


  7. Sweety, you can sell those gadgets and buy many more vouchers!!! So, Pleaseeee, aim for the best prize πŸ™‚
    And yeah, congratulations on winning the Shoppers Stop voucher!


  8. ME!

    Isn’t that fantastic? I always want things that make me happy and not because they are worth more in terms of money. It is a beautiful thought, if you ask me πŸ™‚
    Someone else may want a phone as that is more valuable to them – which si fine coz’ it is probably THAT which makes them happy.
    Hugs to you πŸ™‚ Your fellow contestants will shower you with love though surely!


    1. Thank you Toffee for that enlightening thought, am actually feeling very good after reading your comment (like I always do).
      Hugs to the sweetest toffee of the blog world πŸ™‚


  9. It’s plain and simple that you are not materialistic… like most of them πŸ™‚ You find your happiness in simple things, and beyond… materialistic pleasures. Be just the way you are … always!! πŸ™‚


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