Deja vu

It has been an emotionally draining week. My subconscious and gut instincts seemed to have been working over time, making me very uneasy and confused. I had been getting flashes of many memories I thought I had successfully buried with my dead marriage. This week proved me wrong and also right on a number of counts.

Today brought along answers to a lot of things I had been sensing all this while. My first reaction was going numb for a long while, unable to let go of the scary Deja vu feeling that came along.  I am holding back the details for now, but I’ll surely be writing all my thoughts and emotions. I know I will need them to analyse a lot of important things that are about to happen in my & Pari’s life. Events that are inevitable.

The fear and stress gifted me with a dull, boring, gnawing at my very being; headache. It’s been over eight hours since my head has been threatening to explode, and I am aware it’ll take a while for this throb to die down.

Till the clouds of fear and confusion decide to give way to clear vision & thoughts, I’ll refrain from writing any further about it. But, I’ll be back soon, with greater details.

The song on my mind: Ae dil e nadaan ~ Razia Sultan

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