Working on my dreams

If I were to write this post a couple of months back, I wouldn’t have written beyond a line. But, today the story is altogether different.

We all have dreams. Whether they are on our mind or at the back of it, but they always exist. After suffering a massive heartbreak and sufferings following it, I felt all my dreams had shattered and the only goal I was left to live with, was to give my daughter a good upbringing.

There was a spell when I felt my life was a big void, totally blank. I either spent sleepless nights or ones where I was sound asleep with no dreams to paint my slumber sky with colours of hope. Though I have been feeling I have moved on from the traumatic phase of my life, but my dreams returned to me only recently.

I have suddenly become aware that my failures had actually filled me with fear. The shattered dreams, unfulfilled aspirations were desisting me to dream on. I was pretty stalled in chasing my dreams.

Broken dreams made me give up dreaming for a long-long time. That’s no longer the case.

I have jumped on this regular blogging spree to keep record of everything going on in my life, without skipping the failures to get a holistic view of my endeavors. I chose blogging as the medium to keep track because I know, its only the never-ending support and constructive criticism of my readers that has brought me thus far from the time I had almost lost myself to grief.

To write is one of my dreams. It started when was 6 years old and has been with me ever since. I want to write to do my bit for the universe, I am part of. Write to influence. Write to support. Write to share my life lessons with anyone who cares to read all I have to say.

No better place to start, but my blog.

I have a rough draft of what I am trying to achieve. It’s going to be useful for posterity, when one fine day I’ll have a clearer picture of how I wish to take this dream forward on a bigger scale.

I am starting with channeling all my energy. The way I spend my time, the way I spend my resources, the way I invest myself today will determine my future. This can be pretty confronting when I am spending  wasting my time doing things that aren’t taking me towards my dreams.

To achieve it, I’m ready to take more risks ( this writing challenge is one of them), expand my skills, learn about more people,  take better responsibility for my future.

“Inspiration without implementation is empty.”

I am relying for the needed energy on my spark of curiosity. I am aiming to make my current small dream to a future’s big achievement of my life. It’s good to do things you are passionate about, but sometimes trying new things is where the clues to unlock the secret of future lies.

But why now?

I know you must be confused, as to why  suddenly all this talk about dreams?

It took me a lot of thought and sleepless nights to realize all that I have mentioned in the earlier paragraphs.

The day I faced death, I realized the futility of living a life where on the death-bed I would utter, “I had many dreams but didn’t get the opportunity to chase them.”

Been blessed with a second life, I am determined to change the many things, my close encounter with death showed me. This realisation is the point around which everything else I just said revolves.

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.” – John H. Schaar

The song on my mind : Do naiyna aur ek kahani ~ Masoom

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