Let’s Start

On the first day of every month, I decide to enroll myself on the ‘post a day’ challenge for the month. I have actually been deciding on these lines for 7 seven months in a row just to be disappointed by myself.

I am never short of the number of excuses at hand to justify why I have let my precious blog take a back burner when what I really am doing with the time ‘so’ saved isn’t making me happy in any way.

All the while, I waited. Waited for someone to nudge me. Waited for company. Waited to be good enough to start. Waiting for the right time and right opportunity to revive my love for blogging. But, as is rightly said, there is no ‘right’ time ever.

So today, in the middle of the month, on the second day of the week, I decided to get working on a number of goals. This time keeping my goals realistic with plenty of room for upgrades and most importantly deciding on a finite number of dreams to transform them to reality.

I know, this post sounds more like one you read around the new year full of resolutions but I am trying to finally attempt what I have been planning non-stop from many days both consciously and also in my sleep.

It’s never too late to start, am doing it now. For today, I’ll just share only one of the many dreams I am all set to conquer. Blog often. By often I mean, daily.

So board on my blogging express as I am going to push myself to do something I’ve always wanted but let it take a backseat again and again. Not anymore.

The song on my mind : Dil hai chota sa ~ Roja

7 thoughts on “Let’s Start

  1. Satori

    Love reading you always. I simply admire the way you go about life with so much more awareness and consciousness than is usual… How you always step back and observe your own reactions to situations, and how beautifully you write that down not only clearing your own mind but helping us to do so with our lives as well. Looking forward to your daily posts!


    1. Thank you Satori for those wonderful words.
      Its friends like you that are a constant source of my energy and motivation to keep writing & going on in life.


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