Clicking Together

My life has been at its craziest lately. Actually, it is me, who has an erratic pattern of working, being a freelance writer. The flexibility my work offers also hampers my family time by letting assignments pop up anytime of the day, deadlines to be chased when I could well be sleeping. This vicious circle has been going on for way too long. Every time I think today I have all chores sorted, food ready and kitchen tidied up, I can sit-back and relax with my family, invariably a phone call or an email steals the peace of my mind and I return to the grind.

While we do eat all meals together, get fair bit of time to chit-chat here and there, but those moments when we all could leave all worries of the chores, Pari’s school-work, my parent’s illnesses behind is what we had come to long for. It was then my love for photography came to our respite. I have inherited my love for photography from my father and I look up to my mom for creative suggestions of finding beautiful frames in mundane life. In our team of three, Pari came as a perfect addition with her craze to have photographs clicked in a variety of poses and settings. She is our perfect model on most occasions.

Last month, I had just finished my assignment and my laptop’s battery was alarmingly low when the power went off. With pari wide awake and no distractions (rather excuses) to keep me busy, we decided to visit the famous lake in our city. Initially, my mother was a little reluctant for she was in no mood to go outdoors. But, after little cajoling by Pari she agreed to go ahead with the outing. It was a crisp afternoon hour and though the spot is quite popular  in my city there were only a handful of people. The cool breeze blowing from over the lake water, the quacking ducks and flocks of beautiful migratory birds, swimming, flapping and fishing were a treat for our eyes.

Besides, my family’s love for photography, we share our passion for wildlife. During the winter months the migratory birds make for a wonderful reason for us to visit the lake that we often cross past, but never stop by to feel the breeze, pay attention to the birds or enjoy the spray of water the fountains spray on us. What initially started with us taking pictures, extended to having fun strolling in the beautiful garden along the lake. We spent a hearty time, with my mom and dad sharing fond memories of their college life, how they used to visit the lake with friends and the fun they had eating the corn on the cob, peanuts and pop-corns together.

On occasions like this, I many times feel Pari and I are more of sisters than mother and daughter. You can see us both enjoy the anecdotes and tales my parents narrate with same awe and curiosity, even when I’ve heard them all many times before. Amidst the happy banter, fussing over how spicy the Pani-Puri was and having fun with the balloons and flute Pari bought from the vendor, we spent a handful of relaxed, happy moments together that recharged our determination to carry on with life with a renewed zest. Not forgetting, the beautiful addition to our family moments and the family album.

Sharing a few of the many pictures shot that afternoon. If you recognize any of the birds, please do share their names.

* All pictures have been taken by me and are copyright protected. Please enlarge the pictures for better viewing and follow me on Instagram to see more pictures from my lens.

Yellow beak duck


In flight
In Flight


The Yellow Bird
The Yellow Bird