Being the change I want to see

The past week has been very eventful on many fronts in my life. Despite the strong urge to write about it all as it happened, a few commitments kept me occupied to blog about them. But, like always, when I get in the drive of writing, I will make sure I don’t miss out on anything. Not even the posts I have been creating drafts for (mentally) for over an year. Yes, such topics exist, that I might have shied away from writing about in my blog but they keep reminding me to do so. Every day.

Let’s start with something exciting. I had mentioned here my concerns about my weight and the strong urge to do something about it. The good news is, I am into action from one full week and the credit for it goes to dear Princess Butter. I have been wanting to embark on a lifestyle change from the day realization dawned on me about the massive responsibility of my family resting on my shoulders alone. But, like always the realization alone didn’t give me the needed push to get in active mode.

Like I have mentioned on a number of occasions earlier, I have been pretty regular with exercising in one form or the other all my life, albeit the dull, irresponsible phase in the past few years. But those bouts of irregular inadequate exercising were doing me no good. No, I don’t let the weighing scale be my guide. Thank God for the mercy of having helped me conquer this fascination in the years gone by. Nevertheless, my wardrobe, as in how comfortable I am in my favorite dresses does make my mind worry about my well being.

I have given up gazing in the mirror almost 5 years ago, though I am slowly re-learning this art thanks to the rockstar in my life ~ Pari, the real alarm bell for me are the annual health check reports.

In the latest health check up, my Triglyceride levels showed a slight inkling to be on the higher side, yet again (they have always been within the normal range just on the higher side of the median value) my conscience screamed aloud. I knew it was high time I did something about it. This is the real reason, while my cousin’s wedding is just a way of giving me a deadline for getting visible results.

After my post (as I mentioned in the start) Princess Butter lovingly shot me an email with a diet plan. I have to confess, that I have not been able to get rid of the phrase ‘ I’m on a low carb diet because the beach season is here’ from one of her recent blog posts ringing in my mind, every time I think about her diet plan. While I (being a whale) am not aiming to get a beach body, but yes, this thought triggered me to take up her suggestions wholeheartedly and promptly.

The best bit was, the diet plan she suggested, was very practical, suited my personal liking and above all included minimal preparation. I think this has been the key that made me adopt it right from the moment I read it.

For the record, I have started following her suggested diet plan from the 22nd of April 2015. I am going to come back exactly six months from this day to take stock of my progress. Though the much-awaited wedding happening in June will push me to achieve noteworthy changes.

While I am not going to write an essay on what all I have been eating, I am surely going to share how my life has changed in the past one week.

Let me start by answering the most obvious question. No, there has been no weight loss (though I’d like to mention the 500 grams I lost in this week, maybe sweating to prepare a healthy snack every two hours) as yet.

I have started eating more of fresh fruits which I have been avoiding all my life. I know that last statement left many jaws dropped to the floor and eyes popping out to the computer screen. It’s sad, but the good news is, I am now seen eating lots of fresh fruits all day. The feeling hasn’t been stupefying but it sure has left me happy with my own self.

I have to confess, that cutting down on my carbohydrate intake majorly in the past one week (saying no to cookies, cakes, binging on chocolates and breads) has left me feeling happy from the inside. I am not a chocoholic or a person with a sweet tooth but it has taken me conscious effort to stay away from snacking on the easy treats in the pantry.

The happy feeling I mentioned, actually makes me feel light and lot more energetic than I usually do. This is in combination with the same amount of exercise as I had been doing earlier. Curtailing the sugars has definitely made my skin go clearer and look healthier. Though I am not very convinced about this, but since two people mentioned it (who are not aware about my changed lifestyle) I would like to believe this.

Another important thing that I discovered, is the truth behind green tea. I have to confess, despite my curiosity about it, I have not invested any time in doing research about the Green Tea on Internet. Though, after my last post on this topic many considerate readers sent in emails sharing their experience about the same. I have discovered a handful of green tea flavors that I am actually beginning to like in this duration.

The fact about it’s weight loss action is, since it is consumed without milk and sugar, it causes weight loss by cutting down calories consumed as milk and sugar in every cup of tea.

So far so good. But, the issue here is, I am not a heavy tea drinker. I drink tea on a once or maximum twice a week or fortnight basis. So drinking green tea daily is actually going to do me no good on the weight loss front. Nevertheless, while I am trying it out, I might let its metabolism boosting action or the said ‘calming effect’ do me some good while I replenish my stock and take a final call on this.

The last yet the most important point I wish to mention on this first week report is, this diet plan might change over time to accommodate my body needs, but I am going to stick to it for as long I can make it. I am aiming for a long term change in my lifestyle and not limiting it by the time left for my cousin’s wedding. While weight loss is a desired outcome, I am aiming to switch to a healthier lifestyle for my own and my family’s good.

Please be prepared to bear the brunt of regular follow up posts on this lifestyle change journey of mine.

Song on my mind: Dikhayi diye yoon ~ Bazaar 

6 thoughts on “Being the change I want to see

  1. Hey I am glad the plan is making you feel good! 🙂
    Like I said, we won’t starve ourselves. We will just eat better things for our body.
    My mom had spiked triglycerides a year back or so. Since then she is consciously taking care of her sweet tooth and gets lipid profile done every few months. There is some ratio or something of good cholesterol which can go up only with exercise and not any food. Don’t know what it is, but thanks to her yoga and light cardio, she has gotten it under control.


  2. Way to go ME. That sounds like a perfect plan. It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose in a week or how fast you lose it all. Having a long term goal is the best strategy.

    I know you mentioned exercise, but have you tried yoga? I am saying this because, when I do yoga, it really cuts down on my cravings. I really don’t like eating cake or pizza. And that is seriously not me. 🙂 And I didn’t see this with any other form of exercise before. Always has been with yoga.

    Also, water. You probably already do this. Drink ton of water every now and then. while you are at fruits, try the negative calories fruits.

    Sorry for the long post, but just was talking to my friend about this yesterday about weight loss, so thought I would mention what I discussed with him. 🙂


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