Santa Claus is coming to town

This weekend around bedtime, Pari and I were busy planning for the Christmas celebrations and winter vacations. In the middle of it I asked Pari what was she most looking forward to this Christmas.

She was pretty excited about the X-mas celebrations at her school because it was due a couple of days before Christmas so she was expecting fun and gifts to start pouring ahead of the actual day.

I was trying to ask her about what gifts was she expecting from Santa that’s when she said, “Oh! the school Santa is going to be one of our teachers clad as Santa, so most likely, he’ll gift chocolates.”

Hearing that, my jaw fell. I was quiet for sometime because I wasn’t sure how to react. On one hand, I had seen her being excited by the idea of Santa bringing gifts when she was talking about it to her grandma and on the other I could feel she had an idea that Santa didn’t actually exist. In the back of my mind, I am aware that the whole idea of Santa Claus’s visit for Pari has its roots in the Peppa Pig cartoon show she sees on YouTube.

At 4 years, if she is fine with believing that Christmas festivities have a fictional character ~ Santa Claus, I think it is pretty much fine with me. So I decided to not probe that line of thought and we went on making plans for the winter vacations, as they were just round the corner.

Two days later, that is today, was the Christmas celebration in her school. It being a party at her school, I was expecting her to narrate about the singing, dancing, cakes, cookies, gifts, fashion (oh yes, that is a major topic for her and deserves an independent post) the minute she stepped out of the school bus. But, she had something more exciting to share with me.

“Mumma, do you know, real Santa Claus from the North Pole visited us at school and he even danced with me holding my hands”.

I tried to test waters by asking her if it was a teacher who had dressed up as Santa. She sounded pretty confident that was not the case and looked pretty happy by the fact that Santa chose to hold her hand and dance away for a while. Though being gifted her favorite chocolates was also the reason behind her fan girl reaction to Santa’s visit.

I am not quite sure what to make of this. However, at 4 years, I think I should just let her imagination run free. I really don’t have a heart to tell hr that her initial line of thought was actually correct because it won’t be long before she’ll figure that out herself.

What do you think?

* Finally after much thought and scraping out extra change from my savings, I have decided to go buy a domain for this blog. I am most likely planning the major shift before 2015 ends.

Please stay in touch with any of the social media platforms (Twitter mainly) to know the updated address of my blog, else simply Google ‘theerailivedin‘ and I am pretty sure you’ll know where this blog has moved to. Hoping (and praying) to make this shift hassle free.

The song on my mind: Tauba Tauba Kya Hoga ~ Mr. Natwarlal

7 thoughts on “Santa Claus is coming to town

  1. pixie

    I still believe in the magic and miracle of Santa Claus 😛
    So, its fine I guess… her imagination, her happiness are what matters no? 🙂


  2. Oh wow congrats on the move.. As u said, let her imagination run free. After all, its all about having fun. Happy Christmas to little love.


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