Aw Snap!

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful due to many reasons. One being the constant trouble with the Broadband connection playing up and no concrete resolution for almost 2 weeks now.

Though it was a major blow to my work schedule, on deeper thought it was life’s way of giving me time to reflect upon some other important issues.
The biggest of them is Pari’s temperament. Not a single day passes without me wondering if my kid is just 5 years old or am the parent of a teen. Pari’s mood swings are quite difficult to handle or maybe, I am not approaching it all with an open mind. Whatever might be the case, I find myself inept at taking good care of her (in a patient way), getting agitated when she acts in a rather inconsiderate fashion.

I might be stupid to expect a 5-year-old to behave the way as instructed, without posing a dozen questions and throwing a fit if mommy fails to answer them as she expected. But, somehow I keep getting trapped in this vicious circle of hoping things will go as per my expectations and being disappointed when they don’t.

Working from home means a dependence on the fast speed internet. Without which, meeting any deadlines, answering emails on time and more so keeping the mobile data usage within budget is simply not possible. After repeated complaints, I have come to believe that the issue with my broadband connection shall sort out only after the rainy season ends, which at the moment is a good month away.

Of the many things that I miss doing online, the ones topping the list are, updating this blog (because my head is buzzing with many thoughts waiting to be put down in words) and reading my favourite blogs.

It is amazing how much our lives depend on the Internet. In the initial few days of the broadband crisis, I couldn’t help but try endlessly to get connectivity. To put it rather bluntly, I wasted many hours failing to concentrate on any work. Thanks to the chronicity of the problem, sanity seems to have dawned over me. Now I wake up without hoping for the broadband services to have been restored, without imagining how much research I could have done in the time flying by and without feeling let down by the possibility of posting this post yet another day.

Life away from the Internet is tough (because my work involves Internet usage and can’t entirely be done using mobile internet) but nevertheless it is not so weird as I had pictured it in my mind in the first few days. The digital detox has been rather helpful and has helped me catch up with extra sleep. I have come to spend more time in the real world without being distracted by Twitter (as much I usually am) and most importantly, I’m learning to stay focussed when I use the mobile internet (to keep data usage suiting my budget) as against getting drifted away to a click-bait link every couple of seconds.

I have been exploring connections by other telecom network providers, but don’t want to make a decision in haste. Till then, I’ll stretch myself, typing blogposts from the WordPress app. However, commenting isn’t as easy as I’d hoped. The pages keep closing, comments fail to get published and if both of those don’t happen, I get a call or text and the whole comment is lost (I take the liberty to blame my phone for these goof ups).

So worry not if I am not seen around for a few days (some wonderful people actually chose to check on me cause I hadn’t posted on the blog for a long time, you guys, keep me going. Thank you for being there). I will be back to blogging every time I get connectivity. Till then let’s pray India wins a medal in Rio Olympics.

How’s monsoon treating you? 

What has been keeping you busy?

8 thoughts on “Aw Snap!

  1. Sorry to hear about your internet troubles. I agree that initially it is weird but then the detox helps. I understand your work is getting impacted so it is sure stressful. I use Airtel and it’s pretty good service and speed. Which one do you use?
    Today at work, there was this senior lady who mentioned her 7 year old daughter is heading to 14. So know that you are not alone. Children are different and need to be dealt differently. This too shall pass.


  2. That was definitely my story too, the last one month! Thankfully, my broadband connection has been set up and now I’m back. I hope I get into the blogging groove soon.
    Also, I hope things get better with your internet connection and you have a good time with Pari! Much love ❤


  3. parijat shukla

    Great to see you back 😊😊So next time we dont hear from you for a long we know one possible reason 😊. I understand how lack of connectivity affects us these days…Reliance geo has some reasonable offers as informed by a friend though i use vodafone…may be you can check it at bangalore. Mumbai rains you know how they are but i enjoy it here 😊😊


  4. Mithila Menezes

    Working from the WordPress App doesn’t give me the ability to open ten thousand tabs and research while I write. So I prefer using it never. Unless it’s for basic functions like checking likes, reading and replying to comments, etc.

    A good WiFi service should solve most of your net problems, but WiFi in the rainy season, again, is not as reliable as it is all around the year.

    Reading your blog posts after a really long time, and it cheered me up to see that you are posting even with the net connectivity problems! I’m just lazing around, doing nothing constructive 😀 All the best, and much love ❤


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