How The Past Decade Has Shaped My Life

Life is speeding by.

And so is my train of thoughts.

In the days I have been gone from this space, I have read, reflected, analyzed, re-read and written more than I have in the rest of the year.

I have been in the habit of experimenting with things and ideas on my own self before I start talking about them on the blog. This has been the reason that I haven’t written anything about my weight loss journey except my milestones.

However, now I am back to capture the details of everything I have been up to. Not only in this break or in the year gone by but in the past decade.

We are at the cusp of another year and at the turn of a new decade. While everywhere around me people are busy assessing how 2019 has been for them, I spent a lot of time assessing the past decade.

At the turn of the last decade, something shifted in the universe.

Not by its own, but as an answer to my prayers. My prayers seeking answers.

And I have great belief that it is somewhat a pattern that is resurfacing. Yet again.

At the turn of the last decade,

I was tired of the life I had created for myself. I was physically tired all day. My mind felt broken, heavy and worn out from the minute the alarm buzzed in the morning.

All these were what I felt on the inside.

On the outside, the world saw me living the life of my dreams.

I was married to a successful young man; we were both working in well-paying jobs. I was working flexible hours. We were saving enough to hopefully buy a house of our own in a year or two, we had hobbies that we pursued, had friends who often dropped by.

We lived in a rather quiet, non-suburban, laid back town amidst the bounty of nature. Our weekends were lazy and comfortable.

Yet on the inside, I felt angry, rough, tired, living life on sheer automation.

Have you ever felt the same?

Have you ever wished for the calm, the quiet, the lightness that all meditation books talk about?

Have you ever felt hopeless, aimless and lifeless in the middle of the life that is Instagram perfect?

Have you ever wondered why you feel stuck when you’re leading the life you’ve always wished for?

Have you ever struggled with setting clear goals for yourself because you feel you have everything you could possibly wish for?

Have you felt like you’re struggling to keep your head above water while swimming?

And that cliched ever advertised happiness was nowhere to be seen or felt despite my trying every trick under the sun those viral articles on the internet talk about.

Yes, that’s exactly where I was stuck for a long time.

In due course, I earned for myself major setbacks (personally, professionally as well as financially).

Ironically, it always feels that things always get worse before they get any better.

Though in reality, we’re at the dawn of awareness. From where we’re getting a real feel of life (often for the first time) before we embark on a change in any form.

The downward spiral in my life was no different.

I had a miscarriage.

Almost died during my pregnancy.

Got divorced.

Lost all my savings.

Gave up my career in the health industry.

Suffered from severe anxiety and depression.

Struggled with personal relationships.

Faltered in the role of a single mother.

Was consumed and baffled by my rage.

It was then that the universe decided to let me in on a journey that took several restarts.

During this transformative journey, I figured out something that I never knew.

I learnt,

What was the REAL cause of my misery?

Why I struggled with letting go, despite practising mindfulness in the ways the best books on the topic taught

Why chasing happiness isn’t worth it

Why I was failing at all my life goals despite doing okay professionally

What I was missing in the puzzle that peace and calm eluded me no matter what I did

Did this wisdom dawn on me suddenly


Was it a book that enlightened me with all the answers?


It has been the tiny steps, small tweaks in my life that I made in the past 10 years that have helped me reach where I am today.

Did I know at the start of my journey where I’m heading or how to get here?


Though, I was sure of one thing,

That I will not stop until I get the answers I was seeking.

And this is what got me started and has brought me to where I feel I know the things that can help create a life that feels better than happy.

A life that feels lighter, brighter and calmer.

In mind, body and soul.

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, you’d be aware of how I literally took a few steps forward only to be pushed back and having to restart over and over and over again.

These repeated setbacks and breakdowns were what cultivated this resilience that often amazes me as much as the people around me.

Among many big and small wins, my biggest achievement has been getting healthier. Both physically and mentally.

I’ve lost 60 pounds and feel FABULOUS. In my skin, mind and of course, everything I wear.

It has been nothing short of a miracle.

I can feel a surge of pride pump in my veins every time I reflect on how far I have come from the complete wreck I had been for the most part of this decade.

And this has been mainly possible because of my habit of journal writing. I have spent a major part of this year reading my journals, reflecting on my thoughts and work patterns.

Along with books on human behaviour and psychology.

Overall, from what I see,

I am ready for a bigger and better future.

And guess what, I feel that I am now ready to share with everyone the strategies that helped me flip the breakdowns and generate major breakthroughs.

It’s not mere optimism but confidence with its roots in knowing,

I'm ready to make the rest of my life the best of my life, are you? Let's be driven by bigger and larger goals to create the life of our dreams. #quotestoliveby #theerailivedin #goalsetting #planningquotes #newyear

What about you?

Do you feel confident about the future?

Do you feel prepared to crush major life goals?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Either way, I have a plan to help you get started.

A simple plan that has transformed me from being a procrastinator to an achiever.

You can grab your FREE copy of my Workbook (with step by step instructions to formulate an action plan)to begin crushing goals like never before. Not only does it give some great inspiration for how to model an achiever mindset, but it also shines the light on how to make your every day empowering while working towards your goals.


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