How I’m Becoming The Person I Dream To Be

Life is speeding past. And so are the everyday, though I am not sure I can say the same about this year.

2020 has been unusually difficult for each one of us.

We’ve been forced to change course of our lives, rethink our lifestyles, take a myopic look at our relationships and our overall health (physical, emotional and mental aspects), learning to be hopeful even when all seemed to be falling apart.

It has been the time when I stopped and reflected on how much change I have faced, how many pivots I’ve made, and how I’ve been the rock for my family (in my own ways), and I’m still riding this roller coaster.

I didn’t say it was easy. I know it’s been hard and at times, heart breaking.

And the key lesson I learnt has been to stop dwelling in my past and work on creating a life, guided by my future.

To create a bigger and better future.

A life that shall in no way be limited by my past or the present.

And in my march to make this happen, I am now ready to talk about a project I have been working on.

It started around this time last year. I had completed 6 months of maintenance of my weight loss and the number of questions I had been getting around weight loss were on an all-time high.

Every one I met, wanted me to share the secrets, the tactics, the strategies of weight loss that had worked so well for me. It was mainly because I had been a fat kid forever.

Irrespective of what part of my existence you were a part of, you would have only seen an obese girl who was very conscious about her appearance.

Today, I am a totally changed person. It’s not just the weight, but the love and compassion I feel, for my myself and my body, that shines bright in my attitude.

Anyway I digress.

Driven by the many questions I had been getting, I decided that in the sea of misinformation around weight loss I could do my bit by sharing the exact strategies that have gotten me excellent results.

The push came from the people I have been helping in my small ways that have been getting good results (that also includes my immediate family).

So I created a FREE 7-day email course- Weight Loss Ownership Course, at the start of 2020.

This email course lays down the foundation of weight loss journey and highlights the very simple, yet effective strategies that can help you consistently lose weight.

I have had a number of people join it. And though I did see initial traction but the real challenge has been most students lost motivation once the course got over.

Nothing unusual though. It happens all the time with everything related to self-development.

To help fix that issue, I have been sending out regular tips and motivational emails to the students of the course. But I could feel that too wasn’t moving the needle for them.

That’s when my daughter suggested something powerful.

“Why don’t you start coaching women one-on-one? Wouldn’t that get them better results?”

Well, the idea made perfect sense.

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different and depends on a number of factors from their medical history to lifestyle to eating habits. And the accountability that comes with a personal coach is unparalleled.

I have the full know how of the weight loss process because I had been reading books and research material and testing and trying a lot of stuff for years. I know what works and what doesn’t.

As a health care provider with a family of doctors, I have always had full education and access to the expertise to assess every weight loss approach from the medical point of view.

All was great so far, including the idea.

But it took me exact ten minutes to notice pangs of fear, self-doubt and anxiety fill my system.

My mind was already screaming –

I already have a lot on my plate.

Could I really take the risk of starting a business on my own?

And what about the LONG to-do list I am forever chasing?

How could I possibly add more things when I already felt pressed for time?

The doubt lasted a long time. Spanning over months, until one morning I made up my mind to dig deeper.

I started taking written stock of my days to see if I was really short of time or was it just the fear of the unknown that was keeping me from going ahead with the idea.

I learned something very interesting.

The thing about filling every nanosecond of our time is that we always feel as though we’re chasing our tails.

As though we’re never quite doing enough, never quite on top of things the way we’d like to be.

As though we’re time-poor.

Another odd thing about time is that we never really know, in the grand scheme of things, how much of it we’re given in our lifetimes.

We put off the joyful, happy-soul, connections, and stillness, to later.

How I decided to overcome the dread of becoming an outlier to start working on my entrepreneurial journey to help my tribe transform their mind, body and lives like I have.

Later being that mirage of time that we never quite get to with all the noise and hustle and bustle which filters in and makes the fun stuff seem like a distant dream.

For another day, for another time.

Frivolous, not-deserving of, not-worthy-enough-of, not now.

I had been caught up in these traps, being pulled in various directions.

That’s when I decided, I had had enough.

I had to make a choice in my favour.

I had to finally cut myself some slack.

I didn’t want to give up on an idea simply because I was too scared to try something for the first time.

I wasn’t ready to trade my newly-found self confidence for a fear that had its roots in the belief that since no one in my family has been an entrepreneur, I too couldn’t be one.

I had to conquer an inner battle of the dread of becoming an outlier (yet again) before deciding if I was ready for a life changing venture in my life.

And I decided in my favor.

I’m still at the start of my journey.

It’s my opportunity to share with the world the secret bonds of mind-body connection that aren’t talked about by the diet industry.

By choosing to heal my mind and body I’ve grown resilient in new ways.

I’ve experienced the bravery of my heart and the importance of pace. It is a daily process. One that feels easy some days and hard as hell on others.

I’ve come to the realization that I am ok with the ebb and flow. Like, really okay.

I’m honoring my process.

I’m celebrating the good.

I’m getting curious about the challenging.

And I am forever grateful for the lessons I’ve been presented with in my life.

I wish to share all the lessons learnt with those who are willing to take the reigns of their well-being in their own hands.

It’s my way of helping my blog’s community and beyond become healthier, leaner and calmer with self-compassion and less overwhelm.


If wellness and weight-loss are your life-goals too, I’d like to invite you to take the Healthy You Challenge.

If weight-loss and wellness are your life goals, I'd like to invite you to join the Healthy You Challenge. It's the 21-day weight loss and wellness foundation challenge that supports your weight loss dream and helps you lay the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. #theerailivedin #weightloss

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