How I Talked To My Child About The Divorce

Talking to children about their parent's divorce is difficult yet an opportunity for the parents to teach children how to handle pain effectively. Here's how I explained my child about the divorce and how it would impact our lives.

School Diary – IV

You can catch up on all posts on Pari’s school life by visiting the School Diary section of this blog. The cuts on Pari's nose and around eye area weren't too deep, but what had actually triggered my fury was the sheer insensitivity of the school staff towards a child who was mere two and a half …

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This post has been written, edited and re-edited at least 257 times in my mind, before finally finding its way on my blog. I have been postponing writing it, yet desperately wanted to get these emotions, insecurities and fears out of my mind to be able to continue living peacefully. This picture finally gave me …

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