The last year in kindergarten

Taking stock of the entire academic year gone by sounds like a tough task but doing so before Pari starts her next session is all the more important. No matter how faded my memory of the events of past year might be, it is definitely vivid when compared to, say ten or perhaps five years …

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Vaya Tyffyn: Hot Food Served In Style

Vaya tiffin is an innovative, stylish new lunch box in the space of Indian tiffin boxes. Read a detailed user review.

Parents are ordinary human beings

Why it is important to tell our children that parents are ordinary human being? Read on to learn why I want my daughter to understand this fact from the start.

The Mother I Always Wanted To Be

My darling Pari, I have often read accounts of mothers who write about imagining their role in a certain way and how different life actually turns out to be in reality. Hence, I decided to write down in advance how I always saw myself when I imagined being a mother. I have often tried to …

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