Don’t mistake my silence for weakness

I am a quiet person.  I’m often described as ‘shy‘ or an introvert by the people who know me.

Let me elaborate my quiet behaviour a bit more to give you a clearer picture of what’s actually going on in my mind while you have me in your company.

Being an introvert person, I am a very good listener. I can listen to you for hours without asking a single question but if I know you well, you can still pour on my loads of details with me asking very few questions here and there.

Is your silence often interpreted as your weakness? Are you a shy, introvert who likes to keep their thoughts to themselves? Here's what goes into the mind of an introvert when you think they are too weak to fight back. #theerailivedin #quotes #quotestoliveby #silencequotes #introvertsI have the talent to be able to keep a straight face and sprinkle smiles here and there to make you believe how much I am enjoying your talks when the reality might be quiet contrary.

In fact, I love the company of people who love to talk (or say who talk too much) for they help me save my energy which is the call of the day. I love soaking in entertaining details without having to think of any stories to narrate. The truth behind this behaviour of mine isn’t being disinterested in the person, but my dislike, a very strong one at that for gossiping.

Since you now have a fair bit of idea about my temperament I’ll jump on to the real topic of the day. Often people around me, including my in-laws, my husband and even my seniors at work mistake my habit of listening to it all without much hassle as my meekness.

They secretly feel they can pour any sort of garbage on my poor eardrums with me swallowing it all with a smile on my face. The day I voice my opinion or clarify that I might be dumb in a literal sense I am definitely not so as far intellect goes, hell breaks loose.

There have been countless occasions when my MIL tried to purr on me like an angry tigress just to end up being scratched by this meek appearing cat.

So all you people out there who think people who talk less can be easily subdued, remember we are the smarter lot. We are saving up our thoughts and talks about the times when they really need to be voiced. Don’t try to over-ride us or trespass our lives for trespassers shall be severely prosecuted.


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19 thoughts on “Don’t mistake my silence for weakness

  1. It’s my first visit to your blog. I thought I was the only one who likes the company of people who talk ,but does not add much to the conversation.


      1. Yes hope to get to know you better. I am new to the blog world and hope to find a support network here ( it is easier to let down your facade of happily ever after in a online forum)


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  3. Jhansi Das

    Hi…stumbled upon your blog by chance,but really felt like as if it’s my story…many mistake our silence…me thinking to start a blog to pen down my feelings and my experiences….got an inspiration kinda from you…


    1. Hi Jhansi,
      Great to connect with you. Thank you for taking time to pen down your thoughts. Hope you start your blog soon.
      Sending you best wishes for your blog journey while hoping you do return to my blog to read more 😊


  4. Jhansi Das

    definitely will follow your blog,in fact followed in twitter yesterday itself….before May it’ll not b possible for me to start my blog…exams and office are eating my tym away…but do you accept guest posts?….


  5. Love it! I am a kindred spirit, one of those quiet people that listen a lot and rarely voice an opinion… but when I have something to say, I pick up my pen (or bash the keyboard) and get it all out there 😉


    1. Welcome to my online abode SpookyMrsGreen 🙂
      I have been like you for most of my life, but recently, I have been working on standing up for myself and speaking my mind. To be honest, I was scared in the start, startled a whole bunch of people and wasn’t taken very well by those who know me too well. But, over time, my confidence has grown and I am beginning to feel the surge of fearlessness fill me every time I feel like “I just have to speak it out.”
      Thank you For sharing your personal experience. I’m glad you have a channel to let those emotions flow 😀


  6. As I read this post, and as I read about you, I realised I am not alone – I, too, am a quiet person who is a great listener, offering smiles as and when needed. I am following your blog and looking forward to learning more about you, in the hope of meeting another kindred spirit out there, in the world!


  7. hi…you very much sounds like me,,little introvert and quite…and the way you express your thoughts and experiences into writing is very touching …keep writing…


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