The Era I Lived In

Welcome to The Era I lived in.

I know the name I selected for my blog, The Era I Lived In sounds as if I am a historian about to narrate my life history or my perception of the world as it has been in the years I have been around. As realization is gradually sinking in, I am already feeling very old with the load of the decades I have behind me hurting my incapable shoulders.

Let me end your doubts and share with you my real thoughts behind starting this web-log. I wanted to start a diary that’ll register my life as it is in reality. No editing, no worries of being judged and yes no hassles of being read by unwanted people around me. At first, I decided to go for real diary writing. But all the aforementioned concerns of mine weren’t safe within the confines of a handwritten notebook, so I decided on writing it out on a blog.

I know, you are wondering if I am so concerned about my privacy, why would I share my true feelings on a global platform? Well, the answer is, I want to share my true feelings with the people who are ready to be a part of my life without trying to judge me as would the people who know me personally.

I started this blog to voice my deepest secrets. Bring to surface my fears safely kept hidden in the closets of my mind. To be able to get a deeper insight into my undiscovered potentials and know myself better with each post I write.

I do not wish to curb my true emotions from being registered in ink just for the fear of the people who hold no true relevance in my life. So in this space, you’ll get to read everything that has happened in the life of a lady who has started getting her first grey hair very recently but wishes to capture every moment of her life from here on. I am someone who is trying to create an autobiography that I’ll love reading once I am old wanting to re-live the life I once lived.

If you love knowing ordinary people and their lives as they are, come be a part of my journey as I’ll be posting my life’s tidbits every now and then.

Experience is not what happened to you; it is what you do with what happens to you ~ Aldous Huxley

The song on my mind: Jeena yahan marna yahan ~ Mera Naam Joker

7 thoughts on “The Era I Lived In

  1. Hopped over your blog. Read most of your posts and I felt like I was talking to a friend.
    I wish you the best of luck in your life.journey. I think that you are really strong and a wonderful human to have been able to forgive someone who has caused you so much pain.
    I’ve also attempted a post on forgiveness. Do read if you get the time and feel up to it. Forgiving was difficult but quite liberating.
    I agree with you that blogging acts like a catharsis.
    Hugs to you.
    And lots of love and blessings to your daughter.


    1. Welcome to my blog Gangubai 😀
      Thank you very much for the good wishes and those encouraging words…they mean a lot, especially at this point in my life 😀


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  3. So, I decided to read your entire blog. I am just now starting at post 1. I like what you are doing with “the song that is on my mind” at the end. I just started doing that on my own blog and thought it was silly. But I do it anyways. It’s sort of like giving a theme song to your entry. 🙂

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    1. Welcome to my blog 🙂
      Thank you for taking time to read through my blog.
      I can’t quite remember what had originally prompted me to start this feature on my blog, but from day one, I wanted to do this and now it has become a happy habit.
      Wish you all the best for your blogging journey 🙂


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