When the telephone rings…

…it gives me creeps!!

Do you dread phone calls? Does a ringing phone send chills down your spine? A ringing phone gives me creeps and here's what goes on in my mind. #theerailivedin #telephonephobia #fearoftelephone #fears #telephone

I am not going to narrate a plot from any thriller story or a horror movie. I am about to share one of my craziest fears of all times. The fear that ringing telephones (and even cell phones) fill me with. I am not very sure as to how or when it exactly started. But it has only grown with time.

I actually get butterflies in my stomach even with the thought of having to make a phone call. Be it as petty as calling my best buddy to get anything organised by calling the help desk of any utility. Now you can guess it well, how severe my state is. I decided to write about it to be able to get a clearer picture of what exactly has been causing all this in past years.

Let’s start with a simple example. If I need to call the cell phone company about issues with my bill. I’ll first try to look for something easier than a phone call. I know, it sounds ridiculous but I prefer typing e-mails than a direct conversation over the phone. The funny part being, I am not scared of talking to the same people face-to-face.

My mind gets tense like a tightened guitar string with even the slightest thought of the probability of having to make a phone call in near future. If I have some time to get myself prepared for the upcoming conversation, you can see me rehearsing it countless times in my head.

In severe cases, I lose my appetite and am seen behaving crazily as if my university exams results are about to be declared any minute.

I check and re-check the dialled number 4-5 times just to avoid spilling my well-rehearsed conversation over a wrong number. Then comes the most difficult part of actually dialling the number. Being held in a queue adds fuel to my already panic struck state.

Even if the computer says I’ll be waiting as long as 25 minutes, I refuse to answer people around me, even if it is a question like, whom are you talking to? just for the fear of losing concentration over my call. I refuse to disconnect and retry for having to go through the whole procedure of rehearsing and mustering courage one more time.

Anyhow, once the wait is over and the final moment of action arrives, don’t expect my rehearsals to bear any fruit for you’ll see me blabbering even when asked to spell my name.

I know, it sounds crazy to forget how one’s name is spelt just because someone asked you this over the phone. I mean, even kids in kindergarten would do a better job than me in those moments.

Last but not at all the least, the minute some confidence pumps through my veins that yes, I can go ahead and do this you can literally hear my enthusiasm in my LOUD voice. Yeah, I can sometimes be heard literally yelling on the phone, even when the people on the other end are never hard of hearing (at least before they answered my call).

When I am on the receiving end of a call, the scenario isn’t much different. I try to think it is a missed call, but when the caller doesn’t disconnect the call after one ring and I am forced to take the call, I look around with expectant eyes for any saviour who would volunteer to answer the phone instead of me as if it’s a bomb ticking to explode and not a phone waiting to be answered.

While on phone you should expect to hear real non-sense replies from me for even the simplest of things. I lose count of the calendar make random guesses and mostly try to finish the conversation with simple “hmmm…yaaa…umhmm…etc.”

I am not sure if I’ll ever be able to conquer my fear of the phones but I certainly love writing letters and e-mails even to a plumber or a water line fitter than making a phone call to summon them.

Do you share my fear??

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16 thoughts on “When the telephone rings…

  1. really? you don’t chat with friends over phone? or is it just customer care? I love chatting over phone.. I can be on phone for hours and hours.. I remember my friend teasing me during college days like “to live your life all you need is a chair, a phone and a friend” 🙂 .. but things have changed now.. I hardly pick up the phone 😦


    1. I know it sounds crazy but yeah even with friends my mind is busy preparing for how am I going to ask/ say something just in case I need to talk on anything specific even to my friends.
      I wish I’d be like you someday 😀
      Welcome here 🙂


  2. I can chat non-stop over the phone but I have other fears like travelling alone which I had written about in my space. You can overcome this fear. Just call some close friends who don’t mind blabbering and keep talking.. Call all your friends like this (Who doesn’t mind being disturbed 🙂 )
    This can help I think…
    Whats life without fears and the happiness it gives when we overcome it.. We need to experience. All the best 🙂


  3. I share your fears 🙂
    I cannot speak with customer care or any unknown number..I don’t know why but I’m afraid to answer that call…. so I understand your situation soul sister 🙂


  4. Same here I dont like talking much on phone.. you cant see the expressions while talking .. so the one on the other side might just be lieing to you 🙂

    and these days we get so many fone calles from indian call centres selling me mortgages-fone contracts – central heating and insurances .. it makes me go mad especially when they say Can i see how good a contract it is ….


  5. oh I can talk non-stop on phone and in general too 🙂 but tell me something how did you develop this fear? I mean did something happen or generally you dislike talking on phone?


    1. I am very conscious about how I sound on the phone (my voice) for when I was a kid my elder brother used to tease me saying I croaked like a frog on phone. That’s how all this phobia started 😀


  6. Are you like my soul sister or something? i could easily have written this post. Maybe i did already!!

    i so understand what you go through. I think its a disease…maybe we need psychiatric help 😀 telephonophobia


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