Will you understand why I chose what I did?

My darling Pari,

I have been thinking about this from a very long time. Have been trying to find a way out of this very difficult situation, but nothing seems to guide me. Staying perplexed isn’t going to help and I need to make up my mind finally. I have no clue how to put the storm running in my mind in the form of words. Words so clear that would tell you how worried I have been about you, your future and happiness.

I know, it’ll be very difficult for me to make you understand why I chose a future for you the way I have. Fathers are so important in life. I know it very well from personal experience. I’d always dreamt of my daughter as her father’s girl just like I always have been. But dreams don’t always come true in the exact form you’d love them to be.

I just hope (desperately and sincerely) from the bottom of my heart that someday when you’ll be a big girl and will come to me with countless questions about why we no longer live with your father, I’d have the courage to explain it all to you in its true form.

I want you to know love, that I left no stone unturned to find a solution to this grave situation. I tried my best to find a way that we all could continue living together, but nothing seems to be working. I have always been an ardent optimist and I dare to believe that everything will be alright someday soon. Maybe not exactly the way we’d love it to be, but definitely more pleasant than what it is now.

I am aware you’ll be reading this many years from today. All I wish from the bottom of my heart is that someday you’ll understand why your mum made the choices she did. Always remember sweetheart, that mum always had you as her top priority while making the very difficult choices years ago.

Always stay happy, healthy and content my darling.

Love and blessings,


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25 thoughts on “Will you understand why I chose what I did?

  1. I can see honesty and love for your daughter in this letter…I think she will understand as you would answer her questions instead of brushing it off… I wish both of you lots of happiness & love….HUGS


  2. Being a girl she can easily connect to you and will definitely understand you MyEra.. You will be the world to her.. I wish the mother and daughter duo to hold a fantabulous connection that will speak for everything..


  3. I think what you’re doing to her now will be much helpful to her in future than sticking back to such situation and taking her along with it…

    I’m sure she’ll understand,she is your daughter and she’ll be thoughtful,I know !

    Hugs..the song is too much lovely πŸ™‚


  4. The way to share your thoughts, I am quite certain you will be able to share them with her and she will see it for what it is … It might be hard sometimes but in the end it will be alright … With time she will know you did the right thing. We all will pray for you! (:


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  6. Singledust

    Greetings! I am a daughter to a mother and a mother to two daughters and I feel your emotions in every heart wrenching sentence. Just a while ago I had to make the same decision and while a some people had comments that I was wrong, my daughters stood by me and supported me even if they did not completely understand me. While I am guessing my daughters are much older than yours I believe your girl will understand when the time comes the choices you have made because our choices as mothers supersede our personal needs. I grew up with a loving father and also expected nothing less for my girls but as you well put it dreams are never a reality. Don’t fret dear, our love is enough for them. Your writing shows the beauty of your soul. Be blessed.

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    1. Welcome to my humble online abode Singledust πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much for sharing your life experience. At the time when I’d written that letter my daughter was just a year old, so dealing with the new-found responsibilities of being a parent & the turmoil of the divorce made me write what I did.
      I’m sincerely hoping my daughter too will be able to see what I had seen at the time when I had decided to move on in life.
      Thank you for the warm wishes πŸ™‚


  7. I hope that you have written a more detailed letter to her than this. There are some things which I know you cannot write on public platform but this situation will need so much more explanation.


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