On your first Diwali

My darling Pari,

The festive season is here and today I wish to celebrate it with the most precious gift God has bestowed me with. You.

It’s your first Diwali sweetheart and let me share a few very precious gifts you’ve been generously showering over me in the past few months we’ve been together.

Your sweet smiles, your excitement on seeing mum, your excitement at being able to grip mum’s finger while playing in my lap. On all those occasions I wish I could command time to stop ticking and I live to enjoy them the same sweet way forever.

Since time refused to stop ticking, it granted the second half of my wish. Every single day you awe me with a new mischief.

I am at a total loss of words to describe how beautiful each of those moments is. I wish to wrap yourself and me in a bubble and float in those blissful moments till eternity.

Heartwarming wishes from a mother to her baby on their first Diwali together. #theerailivedin #HappyDiwali #parenthood

The way you lovingly coo when I am around, angrily make noises whenever I am on the phone and not talking to you. Thump your feet and refuse to go in anyone’s lap if I am available, get playful even when your eyes are getting drowsy if mum is clapping her hands, gently steal the sting that constantly hurts my sore heart.

I am totally surprised when you don’t even blink an eye in response to the cracker noises or even the scariest thunderstorms.

You are the brave-heart between you and me. Your mum has been a real coward on so many occasions, losing hope and all strength at the drop of a feather. At those times, your sweet smile and warm cuddle soothed my ailing soul. Be there by your mum darling. Be my strength forever.

I know it for sure, God gifted me this second life only for you. You are the sole purpose of my life and your happiness the only goal I wish to achieve.

As we prepare to light the candles and lanterns this Diwali, may the Almighty fill our hearts with loads of peace, love and contentment.

Loads of love and blessings for you, my little angel on your first Diwali!


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Song on my mind: Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari ~ Kabhie Kabhi

17 thoughts on “On your first Diwali

  1. OMG really? it’s her first Diwali? How many months young is she? and what do we call her here?

    I know I know lot of questions 😀 But could not control cause all this while I wasn’t sure that you’re such a new mom like me 🙂

    It’s chirpy’s first diwali too and I’m so excited in getting her ready with all those bagles,lehenga etc…people laugh at me with all this that she is so tiny to do stuff like that but I don’t care 🙂

    See the excitement poured here as well 😛 sorry for spamming your comment space with my feelings

    Happy Happy Diwali to the sweetie pie and hope this festive season brings on hope and happiness to stay longer!

    Hugs and happy diwali Myera!


    1. She’s around 4 months old….I can sense your excitement for it’s the same at my end 🙂
      Haven’t thought of a blog name for her yet…but will come up with something soon 😀
      Hugs to little Chirpy on her first Diwali 😀


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