Kuch to log kahenge

…logon ka kaam hai kehna. (let people say what they please, for that is all they do best)

My darling Pari,

I am at a point in life where this song says a lot of bitter truths about life, people around us and also how society tries to dictate to us how we should lead our lives. It’s crazy, annoying, frustrating and much more but also the real face of the society we live in.

I am saying it to you today, and many years from today when you’ll read it, I can assure you, your mum will still stand by the views you are about to read here. Never let others (yes anyone, other than the people very close to you) dictate to you the definition of what’s wrong or right, what’s the norm or what’s acceptable. Use your own judgement and discrete thinking in deciding what’s best for you.

Having said that, keeping an open mind is an essential requisite. Never ever put down any advise only because you don’t like the source. I know it first hand how difficult this piece of advise is, but trust me love, this is an art learnt with lot of patience. But, it’s worth every bit of effort put in.

Never bow down before the society for the decisions you take, instead stand by your instincts. It’s easy for idle people to pass remarks but very difficult to make life perfect. When we suffer,when we are in pain all these so-called well-wishers disappear in thin air. No one is ready to lend a helping hand, nobody has a spare minute to lend their ears to hear your sad story. Then why would you bother to pay heed to the advises of such unworthy souls?

Not many people know about the tough times we are going through, but the day they will, I can very well imagine what will happen. But, I am not worried about that day nor am wondering of ways to avoid such situations. Let them come, let the difficulties stand tall. I am ready to face them all with all my courage and patience. I wish the same for you love. Never let anyone make you feel insecure or low. How we feel and what we allow to affect our lives totally depends on us. We just need to have self-confidence and faith on our abilities, the rest soon becomes history.

When people fail to fulfill their secret motives or their selfish interest fall face down, the bitterness in their hearts often spills in form ruthless gossip.I am living through a phase of life where people who once formed a part of my family have sought to mean ways just to satisfy their lust for money (I’ll write in more detail about it in another post). All we need to do is be careful, be patient and stay calm. The rough times will pass too. This autumn of our lives will soon give way to a bright and beautiful spring.

You are the joy of my life. You are my source of strength and the precious jewel which makes me feel rich and content no-matter what life throws my way. I am a brave heart and hope you too become the same. Together we will make 1+1 = 11.

Don’t think of setbacks as losses,but as opportunities – vacant lots on which to build new dreams.

So forget all you hear from the people around.If you’ve got a doubt ask me about it. Clear your mind and know all that happened as it is from the one person who’ll tell you all through these small posts.

Till then stay well and take good care of yourself.

Loads of love and blessings,


The song on my mind:

18 thoughts on “Kuch to log kahenge

  1. πŸ™‚ oh yes .. My dad would always tell me .. SUNO sabki .. Karo APNI.. No harm in taking advice but do what you want to .. and you are giving some very lovely advice too ..

    society is very mean it gives advice only with MEAN intent mostly .. there are very few people who will actually put your benefit above all and advice …

    Good one .. you please Adopt me too I need those lovely advices toooo πŸ™‚


    1. You are so right, most people and the society often gives advise with their own mean intent set at priority.
      Ah! you can enjoy my advises anytime, just give me a ping and I am right there πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  2. people say mean things in your good and your bad,both! what you’re telling pari is absolutely right..if one is sure of what one is doing,then s/he should be concerned of others will think πŸ™‚

    Again one of my fav pick Myera !! Hugs


  3. Fully agree with you ME, I had been through some phase in my life where every single person gave their mean comments, it really hurt and you want to fight back. But as you said listen to people who care abt you and your instincts. I am sure your daughter will understand this as she grows. By the way we have to name her, I know she might be having a good name but for this blog we need one isn’t it?


    1. You are right about the need to give her a blog name, I have finally thought of a cute name that I’ll be disclosing soon πŸ˜€
      Thank you for being there LF πŸ™‚


  4. I believe that of all our body parts, the easiest work is of tongue..people tend to use it freely without thinking that they might be mean or insensitive or hurtful…
    and there will be always some people like that in everyone’s life…so listen from one ear and evaluate and if trash..let it go out by another πŸ™‚
    your advice to your daughter is perfect…


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  6. Such a beautiful post..And I have been reading all your posts too..You write so well and you have carried yourself with such dignity and grace throught out this ordeal! That makes you an amazing mom…:) And yes, no matter what you do, they will talk ..So, why bother..:) Love ths song btw..


  7. RamyaRao

    Something bad happened when I was in class 10 and my mom played this song and told me exactly what you are telling Pari. From then on the song remains etched in my mind. Sometimes I do get influenced by them, people around me remind me not to do so, which I am grateful for.I am sure Pari will come to you for anything she needs and not listen to anyone else.

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