I am of the opinion that we must pay special attention to our clothes when visiting a garment store, to our shoes when going to buy shoes and the like. The reason being, the people who work at such places are masters in judging the products they sell in one look. So give them a good & decent impression about your taste when you visit any store for real shopping.

Having the above thought engraved in my mind, I decided to buy some dresses and then go to my tailor to have them stitched. I had given due thought on the clothes to wear (according to the pattern I wanted to have my new clothes stitched) for my today afternoon’s shopping spree.

Shopping for the dress material went on OK and soon it was turn to visit my tailor. He was bit busy when I stepped in and asked me to browse through the catalogue to help me with ideas and patterns in vogue. Around 15 minutes later, when I couldn’t wait any longer for I had my father taking care of my daughter in the car, I requested the tailor to hurry up with the measurements.

It being the marriage season my tailor already has too much work to finish. Pre-occupied and over-burdened as he is already, he started with my measurements. Seconds later he gave me a baffled look. I replied with a question mark painted over my creased forehead. He resumed with the measurements and in less than 4 seconds asked, “have you worn your kurta the wrong way?”

All the blood my body had pooled in my feet in the next nano-second. I was white with shock, embarrassment, and the pain of all my preparation going down the drain. I swallowed the lump that rose in my throat and glanced myself in the full-length mirror on the wall. To my horror, he was right. I was proudly wearing the kurta with the back in front and the pretty front yoke at the back.

Ouch! I heard something crash inside. I am still wondering what it was, for my sanity, heart and brain are still intact. Anyways, I used the trial room to fix my error and in no time all measurements were done and dusted. Once I got back home, I proudly  sheepishly narrated the whole incident, just to hear everyone (including me) laugh out loud.

I am glad this happened, for out of this silly episode quite a lot of good came out. We all had a hearty laugh after what felt like ages seeing to the constant stress we all have been living in. My illusion of being over-cautious in life came crashing down and last but not the least I got an evidence to prove how absent-minded I have become in the past few days cause of the stress, sleeplessness and countless worries.

I need to get back the reins of my life back in my hands and get back to my normal self soon.

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15 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. haha!! My friend once wore her salwar inside out to college and was mad at us for not pointing it out before another class mate did. She went crimson when the boy she had a huge crush on, slipped her a note about her salwar. To her horror, we her very good friends couldnt stop laughing!


  2. Wow its so good to know that everyone in Myera household had a hearty laugh 🙂
    Its true the more concious we become of some stuff more we tend to make mistakes-fact of life!!!


  3. this is a sign..your happy normal life is returning 🙂 take it all in with both your hands…today this incident became the reason for you [all] to smile and tomorrow the life will be the reason itself 🙂

    good luck Myera 🙂


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