You are my strength

My darling Pari,

Be it your sweet gummy smile every time you see me or your patient wait while I dress you up, you never fail at surprising me.In my inexperienced mind, I had always harbored a picture, that I’ll have to be patient once I have a baby of my own for babies are known to cry and throw tantrums if things aren’t going the way they would like them to be. I feel immense pride in sharing that, my experiences are quite different.

You seem to have all the time in the world despite being very hungry, to let your mum stop doing whatever task she is upto, clean her hands and get ready with a feed for you. No crying, no tantrums while you wait. Though once the hint of being hungry has been given the grace period is a comfortable 5 minutes. Once you see me following the course you are in habit of seeing before food is served, you behave like an adult; keeping an eye on the food but no rush to get hold of it.

The times when I try to act smart  let the laptop sing songs for you and I lip-sing the lullaby, you show me straight away that you aren’t impressed. The frown that creases your infant forehead tells me to stop then and there, clear my throat and get to some real singing. I know, you are by now sure of the fact that your mum isn’t Lata Mangeshkar and neither is she Sunidhi Chauhan, though you don’t mind me singing any song (original or created on the spot), but it has to be in my own croaking voice.

Moments when you are in no mood to sleep and I try to act as if I have fallen off to sleep, you turn towards me and stare at my eyes without blinking for a long time to be sure I have fallen asleep. There have been so many occasions when I actually dosed off and you kept looking at me sleep without making any sound. (At those times, your Nani would come to check on us, and would tell me about it the following morning.)

I am your mother and I am supposed to be taking care of you, but sweetheart with you around I often feel the reverse to be true. The sweet way you care for me, look worried the days I am very sad, be patient with all I do, humbles me with realization of God’s miracles all the more.

You are just five months old and your mum with her first grey hair already shining bright is learning life’s beautiful lessons from you. You are a reminder to me that life isn’t unfair or cruel. It’s the selfish people who by their insensitive deeds make life difficult and miserable for others.

Be my support, be my strength just the way you are now and we both will reach for the stars someday.

Stay well and enjoy life to the fullest.

With loads of love and blessings,


The song on my mind:

30 thoughts on “You are my strength

  1. Bikram

    Well said .. and the song says it all .. and PARI is so nice and lovely .. and I am sure you are doing a brilliant job bringing her up like that .. I wonder what will she say when she grows up and reads all these notes .. 🙂

    GOd bless


  2. This is the first time I read ur post and cudnt stop myself from Commenting. I must say it is a strong decision of urs and so apt!! Lots of hugs to Pari.. Oh wat a name.. Pari already has so many blog fans and I am defenetely in the list!! Superb post and she would love u n fold more when she will read ur posts.. I still cant believe educated class can be so uncivilized! Lots of hugs to u n Pari..


    1. Welcome Deepsi

      Wolves and vampires often stalk our lives as members of the elite group. I wish to spread a word of caution to through my blog, so that everyone who encounters similar situations stay on alert.

      Thank you dear for the warm wishes 😀


  3. PARI….a beautiful name….daughters are special…they are just…awww….I hope you understand…I loved the way the letter is written…each and every word so true….

    Our kids will special when they will read their Mother’s Blog:) Thanks to blogsworld….we all have so much to share and this is the best place:)



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