Shake your bon bon

On a cold evening, just like these days, stretch your legs, turn a little to your side. You’ve got to move out of the cozy warmth of the blanket and avoid the sharp eyes of mum that don’t let you step out of the blanket. Not even when she is doing something on her laptop.

But I am one smart cookie, when I wanna do my bit, I know how to sneak from the blanket. With my feet in position, let’s have some music. No, no, nothing from the laptop or even from mum’s mobile (yeah she tries to entertain me with the radio playing on her mobile). I ‘ve got my own songs and tunes to dance on.

Spread your arms wide, open your mouth wide and sing  screech till everyone in 100 meters diameter feel the chill of your screech. What’s the fun in singing when no-one can feel your joy.Right?

So the music is on, now time to bend your ankle and take rest on one of your heels. All this is being done while lying in bed. Take support of your heel and raise your hip. Don’t forget to be tilted to one (opposite side to the leg you are twisting the heel of ) side. You are all set. Now shake your bon-bon. Let the following song ring in your head to get the steps right.

Aao twist karein…..

The joy shines bright in my eyes and can be heard well for my singing gets louder with every passing second. Don’t worry about mum trying to cover you up for the fear of catching cold. She has no idea how divine singing and dancing feels.

Always remember, dance like no-one is seeing and sing like no-one is listening. So what if a few people go deaf in the process, you have had a wonderful evening.

Stay tuned, for whenever mum will leave this space unattended, I’ll share my secrets with you.

Until next time,


Pari Fairy

The song to sing along:

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  1. Hi! Cam here from Deepsi. Love the way you’ve written this letter 🙂 Reading the other posts all I can say is: Hang On! this too shall pass… And All the best!

    Love to your Pari 🙂


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