It’s been a dusty day. With the cloud of dust enveloping us the whole day, I spent the day hitting my head in the concrete jungle. The rising buildings and their unrealistic prizes have left me dizzy. Till the hopes and dreams for a home in concrete comes true, I’ll try to wipe off the dust that has clouded my mind with a fresh stock of worries. As if the older lot wasn’t enough.

The song on my mind: Dekha ek Khawab to ye silsile huye ~Silsila

26 thoughts on “Dusty

  1. The real estate prices are so crazy that at the moment we are not even thinking about a house :(.
    And the dust has no option but to settle, ok? so don’t worry too much, just do what is in your hands.


  2. Can understand how sky-rocketing property prices can prove dampener many times, I do hope you get around to realizing your dream of owning a home at the soonest though.

    And I love love love the song you’ve shared!


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