Same Pinch

My darling Pari,

It’s been a while since I wrote a letter to you. Though I often draft letters for you just to never see them reaching completion.

Sweetie, you and I are in the same boat. The day you were born, I was re-born and ever since that day I am learning the ways of this world in an altogether new light. You and I are in the same stage of development.

We both can see things happening, are trying to understand them to the best of our abilities, are moving ahead in life with baby steps and are trying our level best to stand up and face the world unsupported. Isn’t it amazing that I too am in the midst of my life’s teething troubles where things are getting started though I am too sore to get better hold of them.

The bottom-line remains, we both are trying our best and are simply loving the new life for we aren’t alone. We both are there for each other. With each passing day, your confidence levels are at their all-time best; so are mine. Just as you are being vaccinated to boost your immunity, I am gradually developing mine with the toxins I am being exposed to from time to time.

Life looks more promising and at it’s best whenever I add you to my thoughts and try seeing things from your perspective. It is indeed the magic of love. The love you taught me to believe in. The love that gifted me this second life; you.

With loads of love and blessings,


The song on my mind: Zindagi har kadam ek nayi jung hai ~ Meri Jung

38 thoughts on “Same Pinch

  1. You both will be Just fine .. always .. and i love that song .. I think it is good life is a Jung at every step thats what makes it spicy it will get boring otherwise
    and good people like you will always do good .. I am really a fan of you seriously …


  2. Hugs to you and Pari, as I always tell you and Pari will have a great future. You become successful in life, when you learn and move on and you have that ability in you, no one could ever you stop from being successful..I am looking forward for those days ahead in your life..


  3. Vaish

    And I’m sure both of you are determined and will be successful in whatever you both endeavor. How have you been ME?


  4. Love this song. It is everyone’s favorite at our home. Hubby has been teaching it to Cheebu since she was very small and now she sings it too πŸ™‚
    Loads of love and kisses to Pari πŸ™‚


  5. Totally agree Era. Your child is an extension of you…and teaches you to see this world from her perspective. It is refreshing! Enjoy these bonding days, the babies grow up too soon and want to do things independently.


  6. Such a sweet post ME!! I am sure pari and u shall hv all the strength to face each n every situations and learn n unlearn together… This will def help u gals bond more n more πŸ™‚

    When pari wud read all these letters her love n care towards u wud double, triple!! Take my words…

    On another note, Check my Blog, I hv written a blog on a sad state of marriage of a Colleague, I really wanted u to read n share your opinion.. I feel someone who has seen hell can be a better advicer.. Thanks ME in advance!!


  7. I’ve not heard that song for a long time, and how better to have come across this along with a brilliant letter-post. Parent’s often find themselves living another life, when they have a child. This post is beautifully put.


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