It’s all about her

A lot goes on in the 24 hours that mark my day. More so as a parent than as a human being. I am genuinely amazed and thankful to Pari’s growing naughtiness for it keeps me too occupied to get time to even think of other issues in my life.

With the summer temperatures already in the forties, Pari has started staying awake for longer spans and also her sleeping patterns (thankfully) are getting more regular and organised. She recognizes the gentle hissing the AC  makes and you can see her face light up the minute it produces a beep indicating I am turning the AC on.

With crawling sessions getting more action packed every passing minute, you can spot her waiting for me to get busy (that is stop looking her way) or better still step out of the room and there you can see her racing towards the object I had been telling her to stay away from.

Love the energy she puts in to learn how each of her toys work. Though they are still the pretty basic squeaking  and musical toys in various shapes and forms, but I see her using a lot of tact in making them squeak the way she likes it. She has a little kitty made of yellow rubber that has a whistle at its bottom which squeaks whenever you press it.

Though the cat is very soft, but it’s curves make it difficult for Pari to squeeze it effectively, hence the sound produced isn’t as loud as it is when I do it. Pari thought about this issue, tried a lot of tricks by hitting the cat against the bed’s plywood, even trying to sit over it but without much success. She wasn’t ready to give up and a few days back found the solution she’d been looking for a long time. She carries it (the cat) to the end of the carpet and hit it on the floor and there the little cat squeaks with full force. The shine of achievement in her eyes, teaches me a lesson or two to never give up and keep working at everything I have at hand to make things work.

I’ve written about her fascination with newspapers, she has taken it to the next level. She now attacks every piece of paper in her vicinity like a hungry tigress and in matter of seconds the torn piece is torn into further bits and she then tries to hide them in her mouth. I understand it’s risky and bad, but it’s about her understanding this point that makes me keep surveying her vicinity every now and then to remove any possible sources of paper for her.

Our sleep timing is still around midnight. If you are about to tell me I should be putting her to sleep way earlier, let me assure you I too would love the same, only if Pari co-operated. Though things are in the process of changing for her increased physical activity is changing her sleep patterns and she is slowly getting used to sleeping around the time I do.

Lakdi ki Kathi, kathi pe ghoda is still her favorite song and she loves to hear it sung as a lullaby.

With summers around, her play in the bath tub is getting prolonged and she loves splashing away with her squirt toys while in the tub. The one thing she dislikes is anyone applying anything on her head. The minute I try to apply shampoo or oil you can see her swing her head from side to side, up and down and everywhere to get away from me. If nothing works, crying out aloud till the time I let go off her hair is her last resort.

She loves rolling and lying on her tummy by my side like big girls do and intently follows all I say. You can even note her making hmm…hmm sounds every now and then as if she understands every word of all I say.

She isn’t much of  a fan of toys right from the start. She doesn’t play with any toy for long and likes being on her own moving around, trying to get hold of things she can spot and other similar activities. Maybe, once she is a bit older she’ll develop liking for playing with toys. In the meantime, I enjoy playing with all her soft toys and squeaky ones too.

Whenever we have company, she look at the visitor and if the person says something to her, she (Pari) turns her head and looks at me as if to ask what the person is saying and what should she do. Something I very clearly remember doing myself as a kid.

Time is running fast and it is fun to see my baby grow into a big girl. The miracle that gives me insight for so many things that were a puzzle to me all these years.

The song on my mind: Aaye ho meri zindagi mein ~ Raja Hindstani

44 thoughts on “It’s all about her

  1. CoralClassic

    wow! Pari definitely is brilliant to have made the cat squeak with full force. She must have got that quality from you, the determination. Lots of love to you and pari 🙂 🙂 Hugs 🙂


  2. ME,

    Such a beautiful post, this was 🙂 Pari’s name is just so apt – all her newspaper antics and the squeaky toy – God!!!!!!!! that was really cute 🙂

    more Pari tales, please :))


  3. That’s the beauty of having a child… rediscovering the world through their eyes. Even something simple like squatting becomes an event the first time they do it, and you realise once again the marvel of how the body moves.

    Most kids that age don’t play with toys for long. That’s why they’re a waste of money. You can never have enough toys to keep a child’s attention and even then, they’ll still want some other object.


  4. Such a lovely post about Pari 😀 I love this age when babies crawl. I can imagine the mischievous look on her face as she races away to the thing she wants to 🙂 And she is one determined child eh? she made so much effort to make the cat squeak?
    Time goes so fast when they are babies. Isn’t it fun to watch them? Enjoy these lovely moments with her 🙂


    1. it’s so much fun seeing her face light up each time she successfully makes the cat squeak loudly 😀 😀
      It sure is a delightful phase 🙂


  5. Such an adorable post. I see the love and delight of a mother in every sentence, seeing pride in her achievements and growth. This is just beginning….Pari has a long long way to go 🙂


  6. Super cute post….I am sure all the mommies out there will LOVE it:) I used to sit and watch Samu while she played with her toys…I love this stage…when chidren speak volumes through their expressions and sound effects:)

    SHAMPOO…please…Samu starts crying even when she hears the name.
    She cries everytime i shampoo her hair. Even yesterday…there was this small fight between us. Her hair had become pretty dirty(thanks to summer vacations, we now just want to play in the mud), so i told her it needs a wash…and there we go…!!!!

    Hugs to cute little naughty Pari:)


  7. Lovely post ME….LOL on the description of her ‘crawl race’….it is same for Mishti 🙂

    These kids are all same….like Pari Mishti also loves to tear and then chew news paper or any kind of paper….yeah we have to be super-careful abt any bits or pieces…

    Pari is real smart kid re….she dis so much to make that toy squeak!!!

    But yes one thing I also enjoy playing with her toys !!!!

    Loads of hugs to Pari…


    1. I know, she really amazes me with her determination at times 😀
      Aww.. I can imagine how difficult it would be to keep Mishti from swallowing those bits…I too struggle a number of times 😀

      Loads of love to Mishti and yourself 🙂


  8. Aww such a sweet post ME, Pari is a such a sweetheart,I am already in love with her, when can you send her to us so that we can give her more love.

    Don’t worry abt sleep patterns and all that just follow what works for you and Pari, just let her decide what she wants at any given time, you too just relax and enjoy her grow, you will be suprised to see how good they are to take care of themself.


  9. Lovely post 🙂 I can re-live through the crawling stage of my daughter. Shes close to 2 yrs now and the shampoo bit is still an issue , although the sleep timings get better past 1 yr 🙂


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  11. VK

    Lurrve what Pari does!! Reminds me of the antics of my niece when she was a baby :).
    Thank you for sharing this post


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