Ever since Pari started moving around, getting her to do things the way I like need a lot of effort, patience and time. Tasks as simple as changing diapers can take me good fifteen minutes with her trying to run crawl away every few seconds.

The one task we (Pari and myself) spend a lot of time on is bathing and dressing her up. I’d be delighted if she’d enjoy dressing up or letting me allow the moisturizer, oil etc. generously with all my love. But the reality is quite the opposite.

The minute her splashing-in-the-bath-tub-till-she-is-tired session gets over, she just wants to go off to sleep or indulge in anything other than dressing up. Within moments you can hear her crying and yelling in an attempt to run away from me and engage in something more interesting to her than getting her hair combed or slipping into a pretty dress.

On a daily basis, we spend almost an hours’ time in the whole ritual of getting her to have a bath and get ready, leaving me all exhausted. While chasing her to dress her up I wish, ‘atleast one day Pari can decide to get ready without fuss with me combing her hair the way I want with motherly joy and peace.’

Today was one of those days when after initial resistance and chewing on her dress, Pari decided to relax in my lap and let me do all I wanted with no resistance at all. At first I thought it’s the quiet before the daily chaos, so I continued applying the moisturizer at my usual rocket speed. It wasn’t long before I realized she was in mood to let me have a break from routine.

I was overjoyed at my wish being granted, but that joy lasted only a few seconds for soon I started missing the energy that I spent chasing her crawling after her to get her put on clothes. I didn’t enjoy combing her silky hair without her shaking her head and twisting and turning her neck atleast twenty times.

No crying over anything, letting me button up her clothes without any fuss, no pulling my hair, no scratching and pinching me left me craving for the daily action.

I knew I am growing paranoid, but at this alarming rate was something I learnt just today. If it isn’t about losing my sanity, then it surely has to do with my addiction to burning lot of calories chasing my daughter on all fours and running after her from all corners of the house trying to stop her from eating everything she can get hold off.

Though I can’t complain, for the calories that were left un-burnt during the after-bath dress up this morning were lost chasing her all afternoon as she enjoyed crawling and climbing new objects all day long refusing to sleep even a nano-second this afternoon.

The song on my mind: Acha ji main hari chalo man jao na ~Kala Pani

36 thoughts on “Granted

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    I loved this one .. especially hearing how pari is all growing up and you both are enjoying so much .. kids are a bundle of joy

    and the beautiful song in the end says it alll 🙂 god bless little pari 🙂 and yeah mommy dear toooo


  2. Pari is such a sweetheart, she is growing so far ME, Hugs to the little princess!!

    I told you the other day, we wthink we teach them these, but they learn most of the things their own, this is just a start, she is going to surprise you more and more..Enjoy all the precious moments 🙂


  3. give her sometime ME.. there will come a day when Pari would spend hours in front of mirror and ask you to buy her all those matching matching stuffs.. be prepared 🙂


  4. Those are the wonderful moments Myera,i can visualize your running on four behind pari darling.Enjoyyyyyy every moment as girls grow very fast and you will miss all these cute things they do…..


    1. I am enjoying it all Saritha…it keeps too mesmerized and shocked at times to be left with no words to actually note all these fun times down 😀


  5. Smita

    lol! You want to have the cake & eat it also 😛
    As is popularly said, when kids are too small we wish them to growp up fast, talk, run etc but once they start doing that we feel he talks too much, he runs around too much….hehehehe….
    Psst have you lost all your preg weight? I am to fighting a losing battle 😦


    1. I am actually eating too many cakes, hence the burn out I do chasing Pari around doesn’t help me lose weight 😦
      I have been losing and gaining weight on a regular basis only because I have been unable to resist my temptation to cook high calorie treats every now and then 😦 😦
      I am with you on weight issues Smita


  6. oh..i rem those times so well, but wts waiting is even tougher.. daughter is now 2.5 and i feel things were easier before she turned one..but then all of it,whether tough or not we do enjoy..i did,and i wudnt deny ever..i love her so much


  7. Awwww what a sweet post this is! And the song is so very apt. I can picture you on all fours on the ground, chasing Pari who is crawling away from you, trying to woo her with this song. 😀

    That’s human nature – to want something to happen badly, and then when it really happens, to lose all interest in it. Happens to me a lot of times. 🙂

    Enjoy these cutesy little times with Pari before she grows up! 🙂


  8. This was a very cute post. Kids tend to understand many of our unsaid emotions too is what I have always felt – I guess so is Pari. Wishing you more such beautiful reasons to keep smiling forever….

    God bless Pari…



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