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Ever since Pari has started crawling, you can spot her tailing me around the house. Though I do take great care where all she goes and puts what all in her mouth, but  I can’t be a CCTV.

You can often see me telling her ‘not to follow me!‘ in a very slow and trying to push it down her system kind of manner. As expected, she never bothers what I tell her and does what she loves, that is follow me.

In the past one week her love of following me has seen a dramatic change. Instead of following me, she likes to spot my footwear and whenever she can get an opportunity get hold of them, play with them and even try to chew them. I know it’s absolutely bad, dirty and something to be taken extreme care of. But, lapses happen all the time. If not mine, she is happy to get hold of any other footwear belonging to anyone under the sun.

So much so, that she literally follows our feet and the minute we’ll stop to talk to her, she’ll attack our shoes. So if I have my slippers or shoes on, she isn’t much interested in being pampered, but in getting hold of her new-found love.

The outcome is, now you can see me following her everywhere she goes in a hushed up manner to check what she’s upto. I’ve got a very clever kid, who can teach me a trick or two about how sleuths and thieves work. The minute she’ll see everyone around busy with their work she’ll make a slight noise with whatever she has at hand. If nothing is available she gives out a loud squeal and waits to watch the reaction.

If no one looks her way, in the next nano-second she’ll crawl at jet speed searching for new objects to chew, new sites to explore and best of all new shoes to play with. There I get in the picture.

I follow her tip-toe and at times even crawling after her for she stops every now and then looks around to check if I or anyone else is watching her.

The moment she’s about to pick any of the newly spotted footwear, I’ll jump in to tell her not do so. Then and there I get an earful of the lesson I try to teach her day and night. Don’t follow me mommy in an angry look, loud squeal followed by loud screaming on moving the object of her interest away from her.

I am getting a good dose of my own medicine and I am actually learning new ways of exploring hidden treasures of my house through my little teacher.

The song on my mind: Tu jahan jahan chalega ~ Mera Saya

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  1. Smita

    hahahaha kids are super genius these days. My brat would want to run towards x direction and if wouldn’t be allowing him then what he does is moves towards y direction divert our mind and sprint towards X. Such a smarty pants he is!
    *hugs* to Pari, I am sure she will outgrow her fondness towards footwear and am doubly sure she will start loving something else which would be equally bad 😉

    P.S. Are these the signs of a fashinable girl who loves footwears? 😉


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ll keep an eye for such tricks once Pari starts walking and running 😀

      Well I am not sure, though I strongly feel that it’s her teething phase that tempts her to chew anything chewy and spongy to comfort her gums. But, you never know she might actually grow up to be a shoe-lover 😀


  2. Thats so cute 🙂

    I can actually imagine her running around in the house with you running behind her..

    Muaaahhh….this one’s for Pari – the cute little angel!


  3. i think foot wears are better compared to bathroom mats that my daughter loved to chew at this age..she even loved to curl in that small space the mat gave her, while i wud b using the bathroom…hygeine was the major tension and so i used another plastic mat over the bathroom mats. and wrt to shoes,we bought a covered chappal stand with a baby lock ;-( but then she moved onto the no matter how much ever precaution u take,they relentlessly invent some crazy habit 😉


    1. Well the footmat craze is on at my end too…though the bathroom mat has been spared as yet…though I can’t say for how long that’ll be 😀
      I agree, every few days a new love/mania crops up 😀


  4. My daughter too used to lick my chappels,the moment i leave them to lay on the bed she used to get down the bed to take my chappels,these kids are very smart,we can’t fool them.If we try to fool them we will get fooled by them. 😀 😀 😀

    They keep on exploring their surroundings.And each phase passes too soon.Today they do something and tomorrow they forget that and do a new thing…

    I enjoy reading post like this and makes me go back and recollect the things my daughters did…


    1. I totally agree Saritha, these are very short lived precious moments, that’s why these days I am trying to capture them all in words 😀


  5. She is adorable!!!! 🙂 Cutie pie!! 🙂
    All kids at my home started chewing slippers as soon as they started crawling. And when they started walking they tried to wear all the slippers found at home except the ones meant for them!!! 😀
    Its so cute to watch them wear slippers which is like 10 times bigger and try to walk with those. 😀


  6. OMG!!! THis must be a nightmare for the OCD cleanliness freak you are! 😀 😀 Talk about the daughter really teaching you a thing or two!

    Don’t follow me mommy in an angry look, loud squeal followed by loud screaming on moving the object of her interest away from her.
    Like I said, mighty spirited little lady you got there! 😀


    1. Well I have no clue how I have somehow (call it magically) become tolerant to the mess she makes, only waiting her to go to sleep and all the toys, bits and pieces get rearanged only to be displaced the very moment she wakes up 😉

      Though, I must say that I can see myself getting bit better with my cleanliness mania in general 🙂


  7. greenboochi

    Pari… what a sweet smart kid 🙂 This post had been smiling through out ME… nice one 🙂


  8. I could actually imagine the scenes while I read your post! She is going have the world at her ”feet” going by the way she goes about doing what she is best at- being adorable, and cleverly so 😀 (no, i didn’t mean chewing at footwear, if you thought so for a second :p) Lovely post. 🙂


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