Our bird buddies

Every morning while I am busy with the morning chores or work out, Pari is busy watching and feeding (they love eating Parle G, Hide & Seek and basically wait for Pari to feed them all she eats ) the sparrow family. Today, I finally managed to click a few pictures of Pari’s best buddies, a family of four sparrows in action.

Papa Sparrow…the biscuit collector father
Mamma Sparrow…watching on her babies from the clothes line
Chia -1…the baby sparrow, that’s taking flying lessons while enjoying breakfast with Pari
Chia-2 ….the second baby sparrow, enjoying playing with a piece of thread
Feeding time
Chia-1 quenching her thirst
Playtime for baby sparrows…playing hide and seek on my slippers

The song on my mind: Panchi banoon udti phiroon mast gagan mein ~Chori Chori

35 thoughts on “Our bird buddies

  1. What a sweet post, lovely pictures ! I guess they have become friendly as well letting you come so close and click them.. ! somehow there are no sparrows in the area I live… WE are trying to build more and more trees around our house so we have more birds… there are quite a few… but unfortunately no sparrows !

    and I love that song ! 😀


    1. No sparrows 😯 ?? that’s very sad indeed 😦
      I am glad you guys are trying to build natural habitats for birds to thrive in. We get plenty of birds at our home and sparrows, pigeons, mynas, parrots and peacocks are the major attractions 🙂


    1. Absolutely, she loves it and gets very excited when those baby sparrows come and sit on her high chair, very close to her in hope she’ll drop a biscuit and they’ll be able to snack on it 😀


    1. They were shot at full zoom-in mode from an ordinary digital camera, hence the blur and graininess.
      We have many more friendly birds (Peacocks, mynas, etc.) that Pari loves watching and feeding, will take more pictures soon 🙂
      Thank you 🙂


  2. greenboochi

    Super cute sparrows… what a nice family 🙂 Pari must be having a great time with her sparrow friends every morning 😀


    1. She loves them and they actually wait for her, afterall she serves them vast variety of breakfasts every day by intentionally dropping bits every now and then 😉 😉


  3. Lovely pics! Nice captures too. I’ve tried to click pics of the mynahs that visit me but they just fly away 😦
    And here there are no sparrows 😦


  4. Wow! How did you manage to click such lovely pictures of sparrows as they are so fond of fluttering! Seems they have a friendly bond with Pari 🙂 I love that song. It is heartening to note that such old melodies are loved by youngsters.

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