My Fitness Regimen

My fitness regimen is unconventional, but something I am sure many of you must have/ will experience at some point in your life. I say so because I live with my personal trainer, my daughter. Yeah, an eleven month old is these days incharge  in full control of my fitness.

Some of the exercises we do together include:

Floor exercises: She has seen me do the floor exercises on a number of occasions, nowadays whenever we are lying on the bed/floor or anywhere, you can spot Pari repeating most of them. So to keep her entertained I too give her company doing these at every odd and even hour. This also includes rolling on the floor.

♣ Crawling: Till few weeks back I was under the impression that crawling was a stage in the learning and growing up phase of a baby before he/she begins to walk. But the reality is quite different. It is in fact the active exercise regimen that mums of toddlers are forced to follow in order to keep track of what their babies are up to. It might not lead to weight loss but it sure leads to dresses damaged around knee area.

Sprinting: With Olympics around the corner sprinting is one event I am keenly waiting to watch, though I am myself about to become the Usain Bolt of my area with the way Pari keeps shocking me with her blood curdling screams and naughty tricks making me race to pick her up at lightening speed.

Kick Boxing: Though in this, I am a mere punching bag.

Dieting: As in eating food free of oil and other junk foods for Pari makes sure I eat what she eats. My trainer actually keeps an eye on all I eat and actually feeds me from her plate.

Weight training: From picking up Pari atleast 100 times a day for countless reasons to giving her company when she copies my work-out steps with dumbbells. She mimics me using any bottle she can get hold of, if nothing else then her plastic cricket bat is used for the purpose.

Cardio Exercises: The mini heart attacks she gives me every now and then (chasing spiders, ants, lizards, etc.) and other shocks (trying to finger the electricity points) do help me burn calories by raising my heart rate and making me sweat even when AC is on it’s coolest temperature.

Deep Breathing: I get to do this quite a number of times to control that urge to scream when Pari after being stopped  a thousand times tries to eat an ant or somehow sneak to the shoe-rack area and tries to gobble up bits of dirt sticking on shoe soles and many other things.

The best part being my trainer is very strict, when she wants me to roll on the floor or be a punching bag , it has to happen else I get scolded by loud screaming and scary tantrums.

I am just waiting for the day-long marathon to begin the day Pari starts walking and running, then in no time I’ll be seen fit to be competing in the forthcoming Asian games.

The song on my mind: Kandhon se kandhe melite hain ~ Lakshya

41 thoughts on “My Fitness Regimen

  1. Exercising with your baby is the best way to do it cause this way you don’t have cull out extra time from your otherwise hectic schedule and your baby gets to play with you too 🙂

    good job Pari darling 🙂 help mamma with the exercises 🙂


  2. ha ha ! trust me as long as they dont walk its good… ! Coz when they start walking they usually learn running and crashing first ! 😛


  3. ROFL.. u have a nice way of putting the things down as a post.. i do all these things, but cant think of any better way to write it.. 🙂
    yes, u will have true fun, when she walks, and when she actually throws stuff from balcony, and when u have to get down the stairs to get it.. :)..
    bunty just runs into the corridor, knocks my neighbors door and gets into any house on the floor. have tough time, keep an eye on her, so that she doesnt get into the lift or take the stairs..


    1. Thank you.
      I am lucky that ways for we don’t live in an apartment 😀
      Bunty sounds quite naughty, just like Pari. I can imagine you on your toes all the time 🙂
      Love your new DP 😀


  4. Very well written… 🙂 wish you fitness-filled days ahead with your strict and stern trainer by your side…
    Cheers to our cute angel.. Pari 🙂


  5. Perfect fitness regimen every mom goes through.. 🙂 I have moved on to sprinting and deep breathing now… can you imagine how thin I am?


  6. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    I like the kick boxing .. its good .. keep it up .. and beleive me it takes more to be a punching bag then to be the puncher .. so if you say you are jsut a punching bag then that is awesome you can TAKE IT ..

    I hate cardio , i seldom do them dont know why i jsut cant .. so i swim a lot to cater for that side ..


    1. The workout I get to do chasing her day long…makes me very tired though the weight I lose is all cause of the real workout I do 🙂
      Swimming is AWESOME


  7. Hahaha that was hilarious! And I have to agree with you on getting your toddler to be your personal trainer..can do wonders to your fitness :D. The weight training especially can even run up until they are 5 or 6 years old 😉


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