Beyond the Horizon – My entry to the Get Published contest

The Story Idea:

This is a true story of Shalini and Harsh. They came from different walks of life. Shalini was the youngest of four sisters and came from an agricultural, Jat family of Uttar Pradesh. Known for her beauty and spontaneity, she was crowned the Rose Queen three years in a row. Harsh was three years senior to her who belonged to a well-educated Bengali family.

They shared nothing in common except popularity and the campus they were studying in. From the first day, their lives entwined to bring along moments of joy, jealousy, pain, hatred and abandonment. Harsh was smitten by my best friend, Abha while Shalini was determined to win over Harsh, come what may. Soon life granted Shalini’s wish and played a vicious antic that shook everyone. Yet, they lived on to share this tale of love and faith that truly represents the beliefs, struggle and undying spirit of my generation.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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What makes this story real?

There is something very powerful and inspirational about this story that I have always felt compelled to share it with people in my life from time to time. It took me a while to decide whether I had it in me to be able to do justice with what all happened in their lives through my words, for I have been a witness of it all.

In a cultural diverse country like India, what happened in the lives of Shalini and Harsh is something we come across on innumerable occasions, though the way they changed the course of events, is a lesson to be learnt and shared by one and all. I sincerely wish to get a chance to share this saga of love, faith, patience and persistence with a wider audience.


Extract from the story:

Shalini was so used to winning everything she set her eyes upon, that keeping fingers crossed was never part of her life. She considered herself to be the gifted one. Though the reality was, her success was the reward of the constant prayers of her loved ones, to maintain peace in the world.

Harsh was a charming boy who loved admiring beauty from a distance. The day he’d spotted Abha walk the college corridors in the purple Anarkali, his gaze followed her every move.

Love happened and hearts blossomed only to find jealousy and hatred watermark its delicate notes with the harsh ways of the world.

The song on my mind: Mere pyar ki umar ho ~ Waaris

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45 thoughts on “Beyond the Horizon – My entry to the Get Published contest

  1. I cannot tell you how powerful those few lines you have written, sound. I want to know this story. After all, everyone is a story. But, a story of love and faith and patience and persistence is a rare story. 🙂
    All the very best ME!


  2. The story is so intriguing! But is it only a part of the whole? Does the contest require you to post only a part of the story?
    I would love to read the entire story sometime.
    All the very best for the contest!


    1. Thank you Nirvana. coming from you it is a huge compliment 🙂
      I had no clue you’ve been to my blog before that you noticed the new look. A pleasant surprise 😀 Thank you.


  3. cant wait to hear more of it! sending loads of good wishes your way hope your story gets selected. Fingers crossed. Oh and on the jeans, while many of my friends do swear on Levis, i dont know somehow it hasnt worked for my body type.:( Pepe looks good on me and also the latest one i picked from lifestyle-white jeans by CODE has an awesome fit.


  4. Oh wow! I don’t know how I ended up missing this post of yours!
    Sounds very VERY interesting. I am only sorry I couldn’t end up voting for you. So glad to know you got shortlisted!! 🙂


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