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Make Up is something Pari absolutely loves.

She has a special place in her heart for the  full-size dresser mirror we have in her grandparent’s room. Whenever Pari doesn’t have any special agenda as trying to get all the fruits down from the basket, trying to explore the fridge  or playing in mud (which are soon going to be talked about in detail in other posts) she spends her time admiring herself, posing, smiling and enjoying looking at her funny faces in the mirror.

So much is her fascination for the reflection of herself, that if I ask her to come to me or bring any of her toys to play with, she’ll answer looking at herself in the mirror just to catch a glimpse of herself while replying to me.

I sometimes imagine her growing up and saying Kareena Kapoor’s famous line, “Main apni favorite hoon” (which roughly translates to: I am my favorite).

She tries watching the TV looking at herself in the mirror so that when there is nothing exciting on the screen, she has the prettiest girl in the whole world to admire; herself.

She patiently watches each one of us getting ready and how we apply every cosmetic. The very next time you pick up a box/ bottle, you can see her doing the action we do when applying the product from that container. Nowadays, I just need to tell her, “Pari creme kaise lagate hain?” (How do we apply creme?) and there she tells me by pretending to get hold of the creme and how to apply it and where all.

The same exercise is repeated for applying hair oil, combing hair and every other thing. This habit has a positive side too besides full on entertainment. Every day when I bathe her or brush her teeth, she is ready for action and helps me rubbing her hands to soap and even to wash off the soap. Its absolute fun seeing her getting hold of the bottles in sequence and handing them to me to apply the moisturizer, oil etc on her.

It’s a challenge trying to keep every cosmetic out of her reach else she coats herself in it in an attempt to practice to apply it well and also tastes a little in the meantime. Oh well, that’s the scariest twist to her new-found obsession with cosmetics and its associate products.

Besides she recognises the dresses she wears at home, or when we go shopping and which ones are to be worn for the parties. You can see her get excited about going out in the car and bringing her shoes to be worn just by seeing the dresses I pick from her wardrobe.

Nevertheless, she still doesn’t like any soap on her face and anything on her hair, that includes both oil and shampoo. Hair accessories are taken off the second they are clipped and she doesn’t enjoy any bangles either.

Though I am sure all of this slowly going to change over time, hence I am trying my best to record all details.

The song on my mind: Hey Pretty Lady by John Michael Montgomery (for lyrics click here)

34 thoughts on “Make Up

  1. Benji and Mimi are the same, they love my dresser and I let them make a mess of it. My view is that I have a lot of unused cosmetics so why not let them mess around with them? I don’t love it when they smear it on themselves and then to rub it off quickly, but mostly they just like to rearrange things or pretend to be doing make-up.

    Pari’s mirror obsession is cute!


    1. I too would love to let Pari have fun with the cosmetics on the dresser if she was to play with them but she seems to enjoy tasting them rather be interested in rearranging them, hence I stay in a bit of a panic mode 🙂


  2. Awwwww how cute is all this 🙂 I remember doing that myself, as a child. I am sure she will carry some really good memories from these lovely days.

    LOL on Pari repeating Kareena’s dialogue 😀


  3. Hahah so sweet 🙂
    Reminds me of what elders say. That children learn more from what you do, not what you say. They pick onto your actions much faster than your words.


    1. Me and my mum are among the least make up conscious women you’ll ever come across, still it’s fun seeing Pari enjoy getting ready & doing all sort of antics in front of the mirror 🙂


  4. ambikasingh2

    My nephew who is 8 is plump. Whenever, he looks into the mirror, he does not see a plump boy standing on the other side of the mirror instead he sees a dashing, handsome, thin boy. He loves himself so much that sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough to love myself like he does 🙂


    1. I am so glad to learn your little nephew doesn’t feel conscious about being plump and hope it stays the same forever. It is a very hurtful feeling when as a kid your peers fill your mind with weight woes or complexes about your appearance.

      I agree Ambika, kids teach us adults so many wonderful lessons on a daily basis, we just need to watch them and be ready to learn 🙂


  5. I love to watch it when little girls dress up….admire themselves in front of the mirror 🙂 The little ones in my family are boys their obsession/conversation is cartoons/machines and what not!


    1. I have to agree on this Rebel, a girl’s world is so colorful right from the day she is born, from dressing up to shoes, toys and everything 😀


  6. here. Loved this post and it reminds me of the times when me and my sisters would use mom’s makeup and bangles and ‘dupattas’ and dance or just sit around and chat like aunties. 🙂
    When you said Kareena’s dialog I thought about this one from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. In case you don’t remember –


    1. Welcome to my blog Aarya 🙂
      I remember that shot from KKKG and am glad you shared the video link, it’ll bring a smile to my face each time I’ll read this post in future.

      Hope to hear more from you Aary. Sorry for a very late reply!!


    1. Wow! it’ll be awesome to read your posts about the time when Abhi & Achu when they reach Pari’s age 😀
      Hugs to the little darlings 🙂


  7. garima

    It would lokk so cute,little Pari admiring herself in the mirror..I call Pari at my home (my niece) as Miss India and here is another Miss India in making 🙂


  8. And it gets bigger and better as they grow up.. Buzz is in her diva stage now when there is fight over the colour of her dress, the hairband the wear, shoes, socks.. the list goes on and I am drained by the end of it all 🙂


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