What Am I Grateful For Today?

When I talked about ‘Deliberate Gratitude’ here, I had full intentions of maintaining a gratitude journal from that moment on. Though it is another story that though in my heart, I have been adopted this practice I have yet not succeeded in letting my gratitude touch ink and paper.

Today, was different.


I decided not to wait till the end of the day to try this out. I picked up my journal at around 6:30 pm, confident that I had had quite an eventful day jotting down three things I was grateful for would be rather easy.

The first one struck me instantly. I had managed to follow my fitness schedule without a hint of laziness despite an abrupt hint of chill in the morning. But surprisingly, what I was really grateful for was my sore body. As amusing it may sound but I feel a high in the soreness workouts leave me with. And almost always it is this soreness that acts as my alarm to show up for the workout on time, hoping for another ecstatic day ahead.

The second on my list was a fuss-free oiling followed by a shampoo for Pari. This is a routine that usually freaks me out. My child can’t stop making excuses to put off a hair wash session to another day because she just can’t get herself to enjoy it.

From the time she was a baby this situation hasn’t changed a bit. But somehow, yesterday, she was rather happy throughout and didn’t seem to notice as I meticulously oiled and then shampooed her hair. It was a very peaceful place to be not because I managed to escape another hour of tantrums but because I loved watching my little girl enjoy something I love doing for her.

As I was about to jot down the third point, I was reminded by the fact that it was a Super Moon night and I couldn’t afford to miss this spectacle that won’t reoccur before 2034. Pari and I raced to the terrace to soak in the bounty of the enhanced moonlight while marveling at the Super Moon which I believe didn’t appear any larger than usual from where I saw it.

In my mind, as I was scripting the third point to scribble in my gratitude journal, I noted something I hadn’t done in a long time. Suddenly, Pari shared her observation of how the constellation of stars varied from place and place and how it fascinated her. Surprisingly, that was exactly what I had been thinking about.

I was reminded of how similar she was to me in ways I had not taken note of. I had once written about it here and we spent the next hour of so talking about our observations and what fun it was to let our memories be tagged by the star formations of the place.

Needless to say, am already in love with this practice of maintaining the gratitude journal and hope to stay put everyday to not let precious memories, small joys and priceless realizations slip past in the flurry of life.

Do you write a gratitude journal?

What has been your experience with it?

The song on my mind: Tum aaye to aaya mujhe yaad ~ Zakham

15 thoughts on “What Am I Grateful For Today?

  1. gratitude journal sounds like a cool idea.. I used to maintain daily journal before marriage but now my journal is my blog sort of 🙂
    Tell me about the oiling session.. We go through this painful session every weekend too..


    1. So glad to know am not the only one whose child doesn’t enjoy the oiling session. Same here Ani, my blog has been my journal for a very long time but I have just recently started writing the gratitude journal and it is feeling like a happy ritual as of now 🙂


    1. I am pretty new to this gratitude journal thing myself, so am hoping it proves to be a life-changing move for me like everyone has been saying it would be.


  2. I always go away humming from your blog. Thanks for sharing that beautiful song.
    I’ve been meaning to start a gratitude journal but all I manage is a once a month gratitude post. That really isn’t enough because I miss out on many small things that I really am grateful for.
    It’s quite a coincidence that I started my morning walk today after a 15-day break and am feeling sore all over – happy sore – lie you said.


    1. I love your gratitude posts OM 🙂
      Gratitude in the written word has been one practice that I had been meaning to start from a very long time but never could until recently. From my limited experience till now, I can say it is definitely worth a try because it is a win-win in every way.
      That’s one of my favorite songs ❤


  3. Even I love post-workout soreness. Hi-Fi!

    I dumped journals eight years back but after reading your post, I feel like started it again.

    Good that your daughter enjoyed her hair spa session. She will miss it later. Also, even I didn’t find the moon that big. I thought eye doctor visit is in order. 🙂

    Hi-fi on song too. Alok played Zakhm songs on the weekend. I was reading and it was one of those blissful moments.


    1. Same here Saru, ever since this blogging bug bit me, journal writing went out of the window. I am hoping to revive it, sticking only to the positives and keeping it brief to keep me from finding excuses to stop abruptly.
      So glad, am not the only one for whom the super moon appeared pretty regular in size.


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