Rekindling Curiosity


It showed its first sign of existence,

In my baby’s persistence,

Of knowing what was in the gift box,

She couldn’t speak, but well conveyed her curiosity for the blocks.

I followed her lead,

Redirecting & guiding her every plead,

Fanning her curiosity,

Answering questions with velocity.

I wanted to rekindle my dying concern,

To know what made the heart yearn,

Seeking answers,

Opening chambers,

Unearthing veracity,

I laid my bet on my child’s curiosity.

As a child, I met more dead ends,

Than answers,
I grew up to be incurious,

Questions made me furious,

Nothing excited me,

My inertia hypnotized me.

I existed,

Like an inert element,

With a beating heart,

But a cold, dead filament.

That’s when curiosity arrived,

In my child it thrived,

My perceptions revived,

And with zest I dived,

Into the ocean of inceptions,

Where lived unanswered questions.

Where every turn was an opportunity,

To be awed with veracity,

Feeling more alive,

Where often I met a new jive.

Inspired by the desire to explore,

I knew I had to know more,

About the new, old & the yore.

Curiosity loves liberty,

Celebrates diversity,

Inspired by integrity,

Blooming in disparity.

I am unprepared to face volleys,

Of the tough questions of life,

I ain’t sure why the sky is blue


Why don’t the stars need a superglue?

But am ready,

To train my curiosity muscle,

As I hustle,

To keep pace with my child,

To not be left far behind,


What makes the Earth spin?

I bid adieu to certainty,

Pledging to learn forever,

Cherishing curiosity,

Till I mingle again in eternity.