When I went to watch Dear Zindagi, I had Pari in tow despite full knowledge of the fact that she would find the movie boring. But, at the back of my mind I know how much she enjoys our outings together and watching a movie featuring Shah Rukh Khan which also has a song (Love …

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Yelling was a form of telling, For parents in my dwelling, A master-tool handed down over ages, Blotching several life history's pages. I was passed on the baton, With the confidence that can't be forgotten, It made me feel in charge, Of my role & my child's future at large. It was meant to help …

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Restoring Morning Order

In my family, That follows rules valiantly, Morning hours are treated as sacred, Over generations this tradition hasn't faded. But change is life's norm, That's why I birthed a storm, My darling angel despises mornings, Finding it annoying & warring. From refusing to budge, Even when tempted with aroma of fresh fudge, To waking cranky, …

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Rekindling Curiosity

It showed its first sign of existence, In my baby's persistence, Of knowing what was in the gift box, She couldn't speak, but well conveyed her curiosity for the blocks. I followed her lead, Redirecting & guiding her every plead, Fanning her curiosity, Answering questions with velocity. I wanted to rekindle my dying concern, To …

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In pursuit of the purpose of my life

Are you searching for the purpose of your life? I have and along the way I learnt some important lessons that are now my guiding light in the journey ahead.