Yelling was a form of telling,

For parents in my dwelling,

A master-tool handed down over ages,

Blotching several life history’s pages.

I was passed on the baton,

With the confidence that can’t be forgotten,

It made me feel in charge,

Of my role & my child’s future at large.

It was meant to help me discipline,

My precious child,

Whom I knew from start,

had the spirit of the wild.

I didn’t want her to be tame,

I wanted to fan the flame,

Of passion,

To watch magic happen.
But I fell short of my resolve,

Fell in the trap,

Of following the norm,

Inflicted more harm,

By yelling,


Until my heart bled,

My child scorched,

In my tyrant ways,

I wept & mulled for days.
My anger was pushing her away,

That’s when I became wide awake,

From the slumber of blind following.

I took charge of regulating myself,

I could no longer blame the mess on anyone else,

I got to task

Of fostering connections,

Without any more tantrums.

I had to take the lead,

I was the one who had to plead,


I made room for mindfulness,

In my mind’s idleness,

The dance of anger had to stop,

I needed a lot of inside job.
The efforts are on,

Yelling is gone for now,

It’s return, I won’t allow.

Breaking habits is tough,

So am laying the turf,

Sowing seeds of new practices,

Because I believe,

The results will be miraculous.

6 thoughts on “Yelling

  1. Oh ME! I fell off the wagon:-( Its been 3 days I think. I think I just get hormonal around my chums. But it is no excuse. If I can control myself in the office then why not at home? Time for me to get back on the wagon. Sigh.


    1. I have been in your shoes IY. For me it’s less under the influence of hormones but more under work stress. But gradually I am working at bringing about the change I have always wanted. May we both be the parents who never yell at their children.


  2. I avoid yelling but honestly sometimes yelling makes the kid listen to their parents. And I feel yelling is in our DNA, our parents yelled at us, our grand parents yelled at our parents and we are trying not take this hereditary gene further.


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