In pursuit of the purpose of my life

I spent the first 16 years of my life oblivious to the fact that I needed to have a purpose to guide me where I ought to go in life.

At 25 years, when I was married and settled in a foreign land, one fine evening, I sat gazing at the blazing sky analyzing the fire within my heart. I could feel its presence, I was aware of my ambition to lead an inspired life but was clueless about how to make it happen.

As is said that we become who we spend our life with, what we read and what we believe in.

Somehow, I had misinterpreted this fact to mean that I am better off cutting ties from the people who had a negative impact on my psyche. At that point in time, it felt like the best or rather the most convenient thing to do.

But life doesn’t pay heed to our interpretations.

Life moves on at its decided pace, in the direction it wishes to, leaving a lot of room for surprises and experiences.

I can vividly remember the evening (hardly a fortnight before my life took a dramatic turn) when I was feeling pretty confident about having finally figured out where I wanted to be in my life, ten years down the line.

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Little did I know that all my planning was futile and I was destined to go South and not East.

Though it took me 6 long years from that day to figure this out. But in the years gone by, I was kept amused by the fact that though my ambitions and expectations of life have undergone a sea change, one thing is consistent.

Every negative person or situation that I had tried to avoid, resurfaced with a vengeance.

Every change that I secretly wished for, became all the more relevant in my new life.

Leaving me with no other option but to face each hurdle and fight with zeal if I wished to survive my new life.

If you have read my blog from the start, you’d be well aware of my struggles, failures, frustrations and everything part of my life today.

Though I still can’t claim to know the purpose of my life, but having come thus far, I am confident that I am beginning to understand that I can’t hope to know it anytime soon till I develop a thick skin and a deaf ear to every possible negativity that constantly aims to drag me down.

I am in a better position than I was at the start of this year, blessed with a clearer vision than what I had six months from today. That’s quite an achievement in itself and enough to keep me going.

My takeaways from the journey of finding the true purpose of my life:

  1. Life allows us no escape. Whatever we leave undone, we will have to finish before life allows us to move ahead.
  2. Closures are important at every point in life. They are the only ways to prevent history from repeating itself.
  3. Being honest with ourselves is vital. It is the first step to discovering the true purpose of our lives. As long as we keep lying to ourselves and dread being confronted by our conscience, we are simply breathing but not living the life we are born to lead.
  4. Live every moment to the fullest. It just might be your last chance to do what you really enjoy but aren’t destined to have forever.
  5. The true purpose of our lives connects us with our soul and the universe in a mystic way.

Whether or not we realize it or are able to connect it this way.

Irrespective of how big or small we perceive our purpose to be, but it has a way of making us feel connected with powers governing the universe.

I might be lost chasing a mirage or might actually be on a track designed to lead me to the purpose of my life. I can’t say for sure.

But, delving deep, deconstructing my life and reflecting on it from different angles has made me feel better connected with myself and the universe.

It is a peaceful place to be in.

I feel like I was born to experience every emotion, every feeling in its true beauty. To allow myself to be vulnerable yet feel the power  I house within.

Because the true purpose of our lives to be experiences everything that makes us human. Isn’t it why we were born a human in the first place?

Are you aware of the purpose of your life? 


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The song on my mind: Tum pukar lo, tumhara intezaar hai ~ Khamoshi 

16 thoughts on “In pursuit of the purpose of my life

  1. Not sure about point 5, but I agree with the rest.
    I am not sure we are predestined with a purpose – we just make our purpose as we go along?


    1. I think it all depends on our perception. We are doing our bit for our purpose of life from the start though it is only later in life that we become aware of this and sometimes indulge in a conscious effort of understanding it. Though a major chunk of the population is so busy in the grind of life that they just might not have the time or stamina to indulge in such pursuits.
      That’s why I believe we could be looking at the same thing from different perspectives.
      Loved your point of view LG. Thank you for sharing it 🙂

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  2. RamyaRao

    I am in constant search for the purpose, sometimes I feel it is right in front of me but I am too afriad to embrace it and accept it. And I believe in point 5. Because I know one day that fear will vanished and the purpose fulfilled. And point 3 has helped me a lot in the journey of figuring out the purpose.
    This is the best post I read today ME. ❤

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    1. Completely agree with you Ramya 🙂
      Being afraid to speak the truth to my own self has been a major shortcoming for me too. But now, that I have started investing conscious thought in it, my inhibitions are slowly disappearing.
      May you too find the peace and purpose of your life in the direction you’re heading now.
      Thank you dear ❤


  3. We don’t lead our lives in isolation and by the time we think we have completed what we started in our lives….families and kids…the whole concept of a singular purpose of our own goes out the window.
    I don’t know my purpose, to be honest. I could say I have dreams but they aren’t why I am alive right? In a big or small way I believe we all complete what we were born for; knowingly or unknowingly. All we can do is accept what we get and move on with the aim to be better in future.
    I loved all your points. We know these things more or less, but putting them down in words give them certain finality and body. Thanks. 👍

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    1. Too true Varsh 🙂
      The daily grind, the relationships, responsibilities and all the ties pull us in all directions to impact our thoughts and decisions Ina big way. But the point where we come to understand what really makes us peaceful we have found our reference point to continue the journey guided by that pole star.
      Thank you dear ❤

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  4. Sia

    Hugs dear :).. I have read your blog in the past and when I see your posts now I feel so proud of you . In life we don’t have control over the events, but the way we emerge out of the problems and circumstances define us..


  5. Shilpa Garg

    Finding the purpose of our life and looking for a deeper meaning about our life, though does not come naturally to us. But when we do attempt to find that it certainly helps us to realize and manifest our true potential. It also helps us to lead a happy and contented life. And the best is that it makes us a better person too. It’s so wonderful that despite all challenges, you have found your peaceful and happy space. Kudos and hugs to you ME!


  6. I don’t know what my purpose is and it torments me.. to keep life going I go through daily grind unwillingly..
    Nevertheless, finding purpose might ensure a sense of relief..


    1. I am not too sure either but with frequent hit and trial I have come to learn what calms me, inspires me and keeps me going. Keep going strong Puja, introspecting and reflecting on the events of your life and one day the purpose of your life too shall become clear to you.
      Good Luck 🙂


    1. It is usually the song that strikes my line of thought while I am writing that I add as ‘The song on my mind’. Besides this song is one of my favorites 🙂
      Am glad you liked my post 🙂

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