Difficulty in finding time & energy to scribble down all of Pari’s antics in one post to make note of all she has been up to lately has been the cause of long breaks in my writing. So, I have decided to scribble them down into few line, frequent posts to get the project rolling.

Of all the roles Pari has started playing the prime one is of being a Drama Queen. She knows how to patch up with me by acting extra sweet and calling out ‘Mumma’ very sweetly. She keeps a fake smile plastered on her face and you can see her trying hard to please me if I have scolded her or have caught her red-handed doing some mischief.

The next act that she has come to master is pretending to be sad and crying. Each time she spots anyone crying on TV, she runs and comes over to me or her grandparents, rests her head in their lap and pretends to cry till the crying scene is on. Once the scene changes and she gets back to whatever she was doing.

I many times marvel at the fact that she is still less than two years of age but has surprising observation power and imitation skills. No wonder, every parenting book/ article/ expert says it often that kids are very good at picking up behavior and feelings expressed in words or otherwise than we credit them for thinking they are too young to understand anything.

The song on my mind: Ye Ladki Zara si ~ Love Story

24 thoughts on “Nautanki

  1. These kids know how to make us sweat!!! They know what works on us and what doesn’t. Seriously!!! And in the scenario that u have described we feel like Disciplining them and then we even feel a love towards them!!!

    Sigh!!! Parenting is not a cake walk!


  2. Reading about your daughter’s Bautanki I remembered my childhood days. They where so much fun. I have a cousin. She is also almost your daughter’s age and she does the same.
    Those shouting on top of their voice, being extra sweet when they want something, coming running to us leaving their play. Sometimes its fun seeing them do all those things.


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