Happy Endings

When I was just a little girl, I asked my grandma the secret to her long hair,

She made me sit by her side on the rocking chair;

That was the first time I learnt about Rapunzel,


The princess with tower long tresses & eyes the color of hazel;

Telling me the fairy tale, she let her long tresses fly,

Neither loose, nor tied in a formal plat;

Proclaimed in her a careless hand of pride.

I wove and unwove it, wound and found it sweet,

Beauty, that nothing else in the world could beat;

She would weave loads of  love and sunlight in my hair,


Making them long and strong with her tender love and care.

Day in and day out I spent time listening to fairy tales,

While braiding, styling, pulling and combing her beautiful hair;

I could style them anyway I liked,

Braid them straight or pull them tight;

I played with her hair and she pampered me,

My childhood was spent spinning memories.

I grew and so did my hair,

From pigtails to long, lustrous flair.

When teens stepped in, life was bare,

Grandma had left me and also her love and care;

Life  was busy and so was I,

Oiling, massaging were forgotten & so were the home remedies.

Studies, career and a new city,

Full of stress, pollution and no time to spare.

Split in the times of making room for my studies & other affairs,

The one thing that suffered the most was my hair.

They went dry, they felt rough,

Yearning to be loved and left to dry in air.

Styling, colouring, blow drying were only a temporary hit,

Finally my beautiful hair split.

Hair with Split Ends

The hair that held in their length,

Memories and stories of my childhood,

Grandma’s love,

Cooking sweets together on stove;

The beautiful evenings spent with friends,

With them chasing me and then getting hold of me by my hair,

My school-mates tying birthday gifts to the ribbon in my hair,

Me playing the princess in every drama of the fun-fair,

Were all on the verge of being cut short.

My hairdresser pronounced them weak,

Their future bleak;

My heart was tangled,

In the curls of my hair,

I ended with a broken heart and short hair.

Love happened and my soul-mate wanted me to grow my hair.

I hesitated and worried, that worsened my hair’s already sad affair;

I would reminisce grandma sitting at the foot of the bed,

Watching her and listening to the music of her comb.

I tried every trick under the Sun,

Hair extensions and even played with bun.

But, nothing could match the beauty of natural, healthy, long hair.

My prayers were answered when Dove sent my way,


The all new ‘Split End Rescue System’ in a giveaway;

The soft curls are back,

The pampered silken feel of grandma’s tender care,

The pecks on my cheek with every brush of my locks,

Have brought to me the good old times.

The splits are forgotten both in my heart and hair,

I am ready to rekindle my love affair,

With my hair growing long and strong,

Blessed with happy endings,

To last forever.


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The Song on my mind: Love me tender, love me long ~ Elvis Presley

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