My Life My Rules

  • Title – My Life My Rules – 18 Stories of Unconventional Careers
  • Author – Sonia Golani
  • Publisher – Westland Publishers Ltd. India
  • Genre – Inspiration
  • Pages – 226
  • ISBN – 978-93-82618-27-0
  • Price – 250 INR

Synopsis: Work fills up a large part of our lives. To be happy, it is imperative that we like what we do. Most of us are guided into a career by our parents, families and surrounding environment largely on the basis of time-tested conventional careers.

Some step out of the charted path along the way and choose what they want to do and there are some whom the work chooses, what is usually termed as destiny by the people. This book is focused closely on 18 such people who listened closely to the bidding of their heart and set sail on that path, freeing themselves from the shackles of clichéd social parameters of success, etc.; choosing inner peace and happiness over what is expected of them.

Review: When I first read about this book, it at once clicked the right spot in my mind. I am in the middle of the mega transition phase of my professional life. My personal life has been the driving force behind my making a shift in my field of occupation. But, the good news is, life is being generous in letting me think well and decide what I enjoy doing and then do it for the rest of my life to make a living.

This book is a beautiful celebration of work and life, that takes due care not to be preachy about taking up offbeat careers. Featuring 18 celebrities from different walks of life who came from various fields of academics makes this book an inspiration for all sections of the working class.

Each story explodes conventional myths about the professional choices of a cross-section of people, proving that switching careers mid-stream is not a bad idea at all. The book shares an interesting insight into the lives of the people, their family back grounds and all the other factors that helped shape them to be the individuals we know them as.

Rahul Akerkar better known as a celebrity chef and the owner of Mumbai’s fine dining restaurant, Indigo has a Masters in Biochemical Engineering from the US. Harsha Bhogle is an alum of IIM Ahmedabad but is a world-renowned cricket commentator. Amish Tripathi is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta with a successful corporate life, but was nonetheless convinced that what he wanted to do was write, and write he did; the Shiva Trilogy, a consistent chart topper. Nikhil Chinapa, Aditi Govitrikar and R.Madhavan also feature among the 18 celebrities shortlisted.

The language is simple and lucid and the anecdotes quite relatable and presented very interestingly.

Every chapter talks about a new story and has a sketch of the celebrity that adds to the charm of the book without distracting. I echo the author’s belief that the list of people with second thoughts about their jobs or degrees will grow.

This book seeks to inspire every working individual from young professionals to senior level managers to opt out of the rat race, chase their dreams and pursue a profession of their choice for inner happiness, success and a long-term career. Success and monetary gains shall follow on their own.

Rating: 4.25/ 5

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