Bed Time

Everyday around bedtime Pari & I lie together and talk in our own way about all that we did during the day. On many days, I actually doze off giggling to her gibberish bed-time stories before her, only to wake up after sometime having a little princess patting me gently with her little hands, an occasional hair ruffle and tender kisses just the way I put her to sleep.

Words can’t do justice to the feeling of warmth that fills my heart every night. It isn’t just love but gratitude too. An emotion tinged with gratefulness towards life & God for blessing me with something so precious as Pari.

The song on my mind: Juhi ki kali meri laadli ~ Dil ek Mandir

29 thoughts on “Bed Time

    1. Bliss it is 🙂
      I am doing good Ani, just been too occupied in a few things, will be writing more details soon.
      Hope all going great at your end. Loved Adi’s birthday post, will be reading & commenting soon.


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