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It feels like forever since I updated this space with a personal post. It hurts me to note that I am not spending enough time here as much I’d love to. But, the good thing about blogging is, you can get back to where you left anytime, though all your readers have surely left by then. No worries on that too, all you wonderful people are surely going to be chased, your blogs read till it’s latest update & we’ll be back to regular fun.

Let’s not digress & get to the topic what I actually started writing this post on. Movies.

I have never been a movie buff. I like watching them, but only once in a while. By seeing movies, I mean in the theatre not at home. During my university years, I have seen lot of first day shows of both the blockbusters as well as many boring ones. The joy of having fun with your peer group is something that used to make it wonderful time spent in the AC of the multiplexes away from the heat in the hostel.

I have come to believe, that the sound effects and the large screen with a cheering crowd makes every movie, watchable. Watching the same movies with loads of distracting commercials and convenience to turn it off at wish, steals the fun from the movie. This time after 2.5 years of my exile from a visit to the cinema hall (due to plenty of personal and health issues) I went for my first movie with Pari.

The movie wasn’t important for I was primarily testing waters of taking a toddler to a crowded picture hall where the lights would be turned off and music played at deafening volumes (compared to the volume we play the TV at our home). I had a few movie vouchers lying, due to expire in a month’s time. So booking the tickets and planning an evening out was a cake walk. Finally, tickets were booked for my parents and myself and we four went to see Aashiqui 2.

Pari is very fond of singing and dancing and since Aashiqui 2 is a musical movie, I was hopeful of being able to see most of the movie if not the full movie. We actually had planned an outing just in case pari got cranky and didn’t let us watch the movie. With lot of apprehensions yet determined to give ourselves a much-needed break from the monotony of life, we stepped in the house full show of the movie, during the second week of its release.  The movie starts with Aditya Roy Kapur singing for a concert, so Pari was thrilled to watch a song she’d heard often on a massive screen. She settled in my lap and since the song continues in frequent breaks Pari seemed to be actually enjoying the movie.

But, in no time when the movie took a dramatic turn, Pari started getting restless. I took her out to the food court to let her be in a lighted area for she seriously dislikes dim light, even at home. After a brief stroll she was back to her chirpy self and we caught up with the movie. Hardly ten minutes had elapsed and a baby started crying just two rows from us. That made Pari get so curious that she wanted to get to the baby and find out the reason of his trouble personally. I somehow managed to keep her from doing that, though I had to let her have a stroll in the dark.

Then followed the interval and no amount of persuading could make her get interested in the delish foods of the food court. I had taken along a few of her favorite soft-toys and her fav snacks and that sure came in handy to keep her busy while the  movie had no music playing. But, once the movie took to a serious climax, Pari had simply had enough. She was utterly disappointed to note that there was no dancing happening, no feet tapping beats and no Kareena or Ranbir either.

I spent the last twenty minutes of the movie playing with Pari in the food court, letting my parents see the complete movie.

Overall, it was quite an encouraging experience and I am planning to see another movie at very first opportunity. This time, I am going to ensure the movie has plenty of dancing to keep Pari enjoying. As far I am concerned, the outing proved to be a welcome break for all of us tired of the stressful lives we’ve been living in the past two years.

Dear Bollywood,

“I am determined to get your box office ticking, for my two year old has given me the green signal to watch movies in the theatre.”

The Song on my mind: Sun Raha hai na tu ~ Aashiqui 2

18 thoughts on “Movie Time

    1. Am really trying hard to be regular with blogging but just don’t seem to be able to make it happen 😦
      You are right about YJHD being a total entertainer from Pari’s point of view, though not sure if I’ll be able to make it soon enough to see it at a convenient show time 🙂


  1. Aww that is great! Buzz semi enjoys movies now, Bugz we have not had the courage to take to a movie yet.
    Go watch as many movies as Pari lets you. 🙂


    1. 😀
      I will strongly ‘discourage’ you from seeing Aashiqui2 for it has not even one positive point to invest time & money on it in theatre. As far songs, I feel even they too sound best in audio 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you had movie time with Pari!! 🙂
    Take her to an animated movie, she might enjoy it more?
    I’m so not ever going to watch this movie!! 😛


    1. Please stay away from Ashiqui2 as far as you possibly can 🙂
      Pari is just beginning to like cartoons, so yes, maybe in a couple of months, animations will make for a good choice 🙂
      Thank you Pixie 🙂


  3. I hate the thought of bawling children in cinema halls. Most of the times parents are not able to control them.
    I think this was a good start. I think she will enjoy animations movies more and watch them with interest. 🙂


    1. I agree Amit children tend to enjoy animation movies, but at my end of the world I haven’t had the opportunity to take Pari for any such movie which she could enjoy so I chose to test waters with a musical 🙂


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