Self Discovery

“Never mind searching for who you are,

Search for the person you aspire to be.” – Robert Brault

Have you ever felt, how blogging and personal development are strongly intertwined?

I have.

When I started blogging, it felt like stepping on the moon. As if I’d conquered space and I wanted to put my feet on every speck and star to make them feel my presence.

My selection of topics was haphazard. Though I had it in my mind that I wanted to write what all I’d experienced and all that touched my life in my own words, but my plan wasn’t fixed.

I was like a small boat at the mercy of the currents, floating and moving to the waters the wind pushed me to.

It’s so similar to the way we face lives. Freshly out of school or college we are a bundle of energy for whom the world looks very small compared to our aspiration to make it big; someday soon.

We are lucky if we know what we want from ourselves, our lives and what exactly are we going to do about it. In short, successful are the people who are focused and aware of their strengths and personal liking that’ll last for a lifetime.

But, how many of us qualify to be among the few of those? Definitely not me.

There are countless moments in our lives, when we begin to doubt and question our abilities, our interests in the field we are working in and even our choices in life. Trust me it’s natural instinct, for I have seen everyone around me face this phase.

“Realisation and deep thought are the stepping-stones of self discovery.”

The very same phenomenon has been happening to me in my journey as a blogger. Shifting my writing from memoirs to recipes to parenting and now adding another chapter book reviews, I’ve done a lot of experimenting with my blogging niche. But in the process, I have gained something priceless, self-discovery.

Knowledge of my own personality and my true likings.

Following the guidelines of the blogging gurus, I decided to write about the current issues. The idea was to attract media and readers. It’s often taught, the more controversial your blog post is, the more readers and comments it attracts.

Were these successful tips?


But still, something was lacking.

There was no salt in the well-presented blog posts, something was failing to make me happy from inside even though, I could cherish the immense traffic and comments these strategies were bringing in even on being limited in number.

I then decided to follow my heart. Took a 180-degree turn and started writing stories from my personal life. Something, bloggers don’t often do. It took me a year and a half to gain decent readership but what I gained instantly? ~ Contentment.

I’ve found my real strengths, my true likings commenting and writing on my blog. I do read a wide variety of blogs, but the ones that touch my heart are the ones that stay on my subscription list.

I'm proud of the woman I'm today because I went through one hell of a time becoming her. This quote sums up my life, its tribulations in a perfect way. #theerailivedin #quotestoliveby #selfdiscovery

It takes time, it takes a lot of effort, but discovering what you really want in life is as good as attaining enlightenment for then only can you and your creative self, be in harmony and peace with the world.

Blogging inspires you to be specific, and take sides. And in doing so, it makes you learn about yourself.

The song on my mind: Ye Jeevan Hai ~ Piya Ka Ghar

2 thoughts on “Self Discovery

  1. Lovely post.. Thanks for the blogging tips.. Yes.. Even I feel a life is all about discovering your true self and true potential.. Lucky are those who know what they truely are capable of..! Excellent write up.. Glad that I follow your blog..!


  2. I think you always have to experiment a bit during your initial blogging days to understand your interests. I still haven’t got a hang of it. 🙂 And write for yourself. Everything else will follow.


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