Terrible Tantrums

My life as a parent is under an alien attack. Full of supernatural expectations, frustrations and failures of the magnitude measurable in light years. The strangest of all being my baby behaving in ways I have never known or seen her act in, ever.

Pari’s terrible twos are at their worst. Her tantrums and outbursts are on a phenomenal rise with her refusing to comply to requests, pampering, scaring, distracting or even bribing of any sort. It’s not only a painful position to be in especially with my mum needing lot of extra care and peace of mind but a very taxing one too.

Pari’s fussy eating is also at its worst with us still sitting hundreds of miles away from home. I am tired of cooking up all possible food items I feel my baby would like to eat, just to end up cleaning up a mess with rarely a grain ever eaten.

I know I am sounding as if I have a complaint box against my baby, I actually do, because I am at total loss of support for any matter other than my mother’s illness at this hour.

Pari has been on a mass destruction spree and keeping household items out of her reach eats up all my calories. Leaving me worrying every minute of the day. Be it pieces of crockery, glassware, showpieces, toys of my nephew and niece, remotes of various gadgets, utensils in the kitchen, magazines in the stand, plants or anything else, all are under constant attack by Pari. It can be pretty frustrating trying to keep her off the belongings of a house where we are guests. All my endeavours of trying to put sense in her little mind failing every second.

This isn’t the end of my troubles. Pari has taken on a weird ‘angry toddler mode’ where she shows rage in ways I have never seen in real life. She yells nonstop, cries, kicks, pushes and sometimes even tries to resort to biting, only to be scolded and end up repeating the vicious circle again and again.

At any other time I wouldn’t have worried so much about Pari’s tantrums as I do now. The reason being, I need to leave her with other members of the family to be with my mum, but given her tantrums doing that is getting next to impossible. This is only adding to my troubled existence, with agitation on the rise. The situation is far from being resolved as each passing day is gifting me added responsibilities of being the care giver to my mum, being the single parent to a highly uncooperative child besides trying to tap the avenues of higher studies to make earning a possibility in my given circumstances.

To sum it all, I am in a total mess. Tangled and knotted to only complicate things with my every move to set free.

11 thoughts on “Terrible Tantrums

  1. Hugs hugs and many hugs ME 😦 Is Pari feeling out of place, as she is away from home? Also, she is not getting the entire attention of you or mom now, may be she is doing all this out of that frustration. Wish you find a way through all this. I am sure she will be herself very soon. Hugs again!


  2. Smita

    Yesterday I was about to ask how is Pari faring!!! 😦

    I guess she is also feeling uncomfy because of change in place, people & is craving for your attention. Sadly it is nearly impossible to make kids understand the seriousness of the situation. I also know it will be difficult but try taking out some time and take her out to some place where she feels comfortable. Just to sooth her? Think about it.

    Take care! *hugs*


  3. At the risk of sounding very very repetitive, please please dont worry about it..its just a phase…I swear…R went through this..I can understand your situation with mom unwell, staying as guests with relatives, etc, but I am sure they understand…its a new surrounding for Pari, new people, granny not around as always..will make a difference in her behaviour na? dont worry ME, she will be okay soon..hugs hugs hugs hugs and more hugs…


  4. P

    Dear Era,

    Is Pari Teething??Show her to a doctor and make sure she is not suffering from physical pain . I know life is a mess right now, so don’t stress yourself any further by blaming yourself, pari or life. You are only attracting more and more negativity in your life.

    Try and see who needs your attention more. Your mother or Pari??? If someone else can attend to your mom, then I suggest you be with Pari. Do not feel guilty for not being able to manage everything.

    The more responsibilities you take on yourself the more you will be in trouble . It’s ok to take a break and do only what you can manage rather than try and do everything yourself.

    Trust me, you need to take care of your needs first only then can you be in a position to help your loved ones.

    Last but not least, believe in the higher power and seek his help to overcome this situation.

    Take care and do your best and leave the rest.

    Sending love and prayers your way.


  5. vani

    Hi Me,
    I totally understand what you are going through, but from Pari’s mind its not a normal routine that she has in her life and she does understand that things not being normal around her. Thats the main reason of her behaviour. As we know she is not at a stage where she can co-operate with you according to the situation and but at the sametime its very hard for her to be normal.Being in terrible two’s makes it even worse.
    I am sure you are trying to spend some time her everyday. I know its hard to get away, but do try to give her special time away from all this, by taking her out etc.
    I am not sure how long are you going to be in Hyd, if its going for a while why dont you try to enroll her some activity where she go for an hour or so everyday.

    I know all these are easy things to say, but you are doing a great job. And managing very well being a single mom and great daughter for your mom. Take care


  6. Pari must be not comfortable with the travel and staying away from home I guess. It is unfortunate that you are going through this at this stage where you need all the peace of mind you can get.
    I sure hope that experienced parents can help you with advice for this……


  7. Hugs Era…that is pari’s way of responding to the situation you all are facing…poor baby can’t express how she is feeling about her granny and seeing her mom struggling….kids don’t tell us if they are sad or missing something but they react in a different way which we elders don’t follow….hugs to baby…..


  8. I don’t know how much does the concept of time-out works in this phase. I have seen a few parents implement it successfully.
    Hope Pari comes out of this phase soon.


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