Back Home

We are finally back home after what feels like forever. It has been a major turning point travel of our lives for many reasons that I’ll be covering in the days to come.

Before the overwhelming thoughts of the events of the past one month dilute my concentration, let me share the important updates many of the wonderful readers of this blog have been eagerly waiting for.

My mother is doing fine and is recovering well post surgery. Though the side effects of the anti-cancer drugs, weakness, emotional turmoil and the fatigue of a long travel are quite evident, yet I know it in my heart, she is fine.

I have no words to express the gratitude I feel for all you wonderful people for helping me in this very tough period in countless ways and mostly by lending me your loving support and good wishes when my family needed it most. The knowledge of having so many people keep my mother in their thoughts and prayers was a great moral support in this tough phase.

Like every dark night, the darkest hours are over with a return back home marking the crack of dawn. Though the ride is still uphill and I have no time to breathe easy, let alone think about the many tasks remaining unfinished. Despite everything, being in the safety and warmth of our home we all are feeling much happier and relaxed, including mum and Pari.

It has so turned out that mum’s tumor was in its initial stages, yet a very aggressive and fast spreading one. Our prompt action proved very helpful in controlling the spread of cancer. Though I’ll be sharing more details in the days to come, I can’t stress it enough that if you or your dear ones have been putting off annual health checks, please get one done today.

If you are a female (with or without family history of breast cancer) please be vigilant and do perform the very easy to do and quick ‘self breast examination’ on a regular basis to note any changes in appearance, feel or lumps right at the start.

Last but not the least, breast cancer is a curable disease if detected early, so never take any signs lightly and please don’t postpone consulting your doctor for a convenient time. Afterall, its not just about your health, but the happiness of your whole family.

16 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. banni

    My Era you have shown strength in one of your toughest tests in life. A mother is the important figure in an mothers life who we all grow up aspiring to be like. My prayers and good wishes are with you and your mum will continue to recover well and healthy. love banni x


  2. I am so glad to hear that you are back home and mom is feeling better. Hugs to you all. I am sure things will be better as you all recover from this tough phase of life. Prayers with you and family.


  3. Good that u r back!!! And good that you guys acted very promptly!!! You know I had read ur post this morning and I was discussing it with a colleague and we were like we ignore our health and then suffer later. I have so many examples to prove the same 😦

    Pass on my good wishes to ur mon and a hug to Pari! Hope she is faring better now!!!


  4. Gosh I came to your blog after a couple of months and I was left dazed. So much has happened! I am so sorry for not dropping in. I am really glad to know that auntie is doing fine. I will pray that she recovers soon enough and have a long and healthy life. A big big hug for you ME. You are a very brave woman and trust me this too shall pass. Just keep the faith and patience. I wish I could help you. How can I help you?is there anything I can do for you? Please tell me. My prayers are with auntie and your family. Take care.


  5. Hugs ME. I am visiting your blog after more than a year. So much has happened in your life and you’re still standing tall and strong. I am divorced too, twice over at that. I’ve often lurked at your blog last year. There are so many days when I want to just sleep and never wake up. You’ll be in my prayers and wishes when


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