School Diary – VII

Please read the previous chapters of the series here to know about Pari’s journey so far.

Last week, on Pari’s last day in her school, I was very disturbed and shaken for reasons unknown. While Pari was fully aware it was her last day, she was pretty cool about it unlike me. My mind was clouded with the fleeting memories of the year gone by and how my child had grown in this eventful year.

But as is the rule of life, one must go on, I swallowed the lump in my throat and decided to look forth to another promising academic year ahead. It was quite unusual for me, because I never got this emotional about an institution earlier. When leaving school and college, I was sentimental, but this time, it was not about me still I struggled to get rid of the goosebumps the goodbyes sent my way.

In hindsight, I feel, it was probably because I used to visit the school daily, used to interact with Pari’s teachers and was involved closely in all events at the school. The week-long school vacations helped me overcome it all while I prepared for my child’s journey in the new school.

In part VI I had talked about the dilemma of choosing the school for Pari. I had finally decided to send her to school A. At this point I wish to mention, my parents played a key role in taking this decision. With admission formalities sorted, Pari starts her school coming Monday.

Almost all preparations are done, but I can feel the butterflies in my stomach already. Besides the anxiety of Pari going to a new institution, my major point of worry is that her school is around 12 km from our home. Though there is an excellent bus service, but this mother’s heart is plagued by the fear of the unknown or more correctly, angst of a new beginning.

I might be jittery on the inside, but I am pretty confident Pari will make the most of this opportunity because she has grown to love her new school and almost every aspect of it she has been introduced to.

It is amazing how after becoming a parent, I have come to enjoy being proven wrong. I love losing at the hands of a child and being told that my fears are unfounded.

Here’s wishing my little darling a happy learning phase ahead.

Song on my mind: Zindagi har kadam ek nayi jung hai ~ Meri Jung 

2 thoughts on “School Diary – VII

  1. I’am sure she will put your mind at ease after the initial days…. I think as a parent once we see our little ones happy and confident, we start to put our worries aside but then again does a mum ever stop worrying ….. Probably not !! Wishing Pari a wonderful journey ahead and all the best to the jittery mum !!


  2. I am sure she will do great. I think I can understand your fears. I am going to face mine in few days as well. But like you said, I would be glad to be proven wring. 🙂

    Wishing Pari loads of love.


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