Sweet Sixteen

It’s time to rejoice

As the millennium turns


Come, let’s be sixteen again

The age of beauty prime

The age we all hold fond memories of

Whose majesty painted our lives’ horizon pink

Where fear and failure had no rooms

All that counted were our dreams

We took risks

We made the dives

We chased the geese

We ran carefree to burn those darn calories

Our fitness & beauty were our priority

We refused fries to scoot safe of pimples

Toiled to impress that secret crush of ours

Drank down mugs of malt to top score cards

Ran, walked and paddled cycles with a song in our heart

Flights of stairs never stopped us

Fear of bullies couldn’t kep us from making friends

Hobbies & scrapbooks were our lifelines

Making time for friends was what we loved

Achievements called for celebration however small

Contentment was as easy to fetch

As a heart-shaped balloon

Hearts were won in matter of hugs

Fights resolved over vada pav

Let us try to rekindle the beauty

of being



Let us strive to be a minimalist

Be armed with confidence  we are the age we believe to be

Determination to be who we aspire to be

Because beauty of our minds translates to the life we create

Come, celebrate and participate to be 16 again.

♥ Happy 2016 ♥

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