Scream for Safety

Safety is what we all yearn,

Taking precaution, speaking free is how we’ll learn,

To avoid scarring your false pride,

Do not hold any emotions inside.

For our children’s safety,

Let’s talk about strangers without anxiety,

Germs, fire, abduction, bullying blues,

We talk about all scooting clear from abuse.

Feel no shame, have no hesitation,

Clear, open up on the issue of predation,

Good touch, Bad touch should be clear,

Rules of safety learnt with someone dear,

Speak clear, stay calm,

Do not make your child feel alarmed,

Open up about predator ploys,

Of luring with pets, treats and toys,

Teach the child to say ‘NO’,

A superpower whose use they should know,

Take time to rehearse well,

Practice it in play without ringing the alarm bell,

Clear instructions about touching private parts,

Should be taught, as soon the schooling starts.

Never let your guard down,

Be vigilant about whom does your child allow to be around,

Be it on the computer or playground,

Keep a hawk’s eye for any predator around.

The children need to know,

Most people are good but the bad ones don’t show,

Any obvious signs,

So be alert all the time.

In an emergency, teach a  child well,

To  follow “No, Go, Yell, Tell”

Utter a bold NO,

Run as fast they can GO,

Yell and SCREAM as loud they can,

TELL it all to the one they trust as soon they can.

Taking our child seriously is prudent,

Never bother about a possible social image dent,

Kissing, hugging, ticking or lifting by strangers,

Shouldn’t be allowed even for toddlers.

Be around children, where ever they go,

Be curious, stay interested and always around,

So predators know your safety system is sound.

Discourage child to share personal details,

Their name, location, schedule or photos,

To anyone whom he might come across or not know,

Be clear about who to reach out,

In case of emergency or a nagging doubt.

Knowing the child’s friends and favourite spots,

Keeps them feeling cared and happy lots,

Sexual abuse is a reality,

With predators often known & existing in proximity,

Not letting your precious alone with anybody,

Nothing to be taught behind closed doors,

Keep it open and in the vigilance of yours,

Touch for health or safety,

By doctor or nanny should never EVER be a secret,

You, my child, own all of you, your body and your spirit,

Touching, teasing or play must be a choice not forced by anybody,

Showing, touching, seeing of private part,

Is never a game, learn that by heart,

Go follow your intuition,

Never let anyone hush you with fear of diminution,

Never be forced to feel my control,

Trust only an adult whom you know well,


It’s never too late to TELL and seek help.

Child sexual abuse is a reality that we as parents have to acknowledge early on. Being on guard, never distrusting our child or overlooking the early signs is crucial. I believe, educating our children on how to stay safe, how to act in times of emergency can often ward off any predator.  The following video is a great way to teach safety lessons on Child Sexual Abuse to a child and I highly recommend you watch it with young children around you.

* This post is part of the April A to Z Challenge 2016. My theme is Parenting.

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21 thoughts on “Scream for Safety

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  2. fabulus1710

    Sharing this post. It’s really important that kids learn to use the superpower ‘noo’ at an early age!


  3. OMG that was truly fantastic dear Era! My blood boils every time I read about sexual abuse cases splashed in the daily news. Evil, vile demons that’s what these predators are! The No,Go, Yell and Tell are such powerful words, they should be compulsorily be made part of all children’s learning curriculum. Fantastic post dear, you have really outdone yourself!
    @KalaRavi16 from

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    1. It is a sad scenario when simple safety measures that can keep our children safe from evil souls are not taught at the right age. This is why the onus of talking about ‘good touch, bad touch’ and more topics lies on parents.
      Thank you Kala for your constant support and encouragement. It means a lot ❤


  4. Shilpa Garg

    Oh yes, CSA is a sad reality and it is imperative that we teach our kids early about No Go Yell Tell. Fantastic expression on such a sensitive and burning issue! Well done, ME!

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  6. So true. Teaching kids all about good and bad touch is important in early years to ensure they never be ashamed to say NO or discuss such things with parents. Only we can bring change with concentrated efforts. Saying NO is really a superpower.

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    1. Very wonderfully put Shalini. Teaching children the right use of the super powers of NO is so important and letting them practice it in their daily lives is imperative for parents.

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