The Gift of Control


As a child,

I always got the best of everything,

Adversity was an unheard thing.

At every crossroad,

My parents chose the path to tread,

I had it easy,

I had it all figured,

I couldn’t fail,

I was assured.

The day I stepped out in the real world,
I was scared,
I faltered,
I looked for help,

Self-pity made me yelp.
But I was alone,
All on my own from here on,
My confidence refused to stand by me,
I was clouded by doubt & agony.
I learnt the ropes painfully,
Falling & failing steeply.
I reflected,


For the Whys to be answered,
To know the Hows,

Be acquainted with the Whats,

To discover the When.

The struggle had just begun,

I was on the run,

On my way,

I pledged to parent a different way.

I chose to shift the balance of control,

Gifting it to my child,

To explore,

To control outcomes,
Take her own decisions,

Be guided by her spirit,

One step at a time.
It wasn’t easy to break free of my conditioning,
I had a session of brainstorming,
Then I decided,
I wanted my child to develop resilience.
She need to embrace failure,
To inculcate confidence in behavior,


To play her own savior.

Develop sense of internal control,

To rise after every fall,

To control her attitude,

Letting resilience exude.
She had to learn to believe,
She could make the difference,

She could achieve,
All she set her heart on.

It was a rocky start,
Control was a skill for the smart,
She’s gradually mastering the art,
I’ve faith of her competence in my heart.

Control is a superpower,
Gifting it to children is need of the hour,

Don’t hold back,

Open up, release the Jack,

Let self-belief usher in,
Set back


Watch her win.

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