When you say nothing at all

I am writing it for you. Yes it’s personal and I know you want to read this.

I often get comments and e-mails with the words I read your last few posts but didn’t comment because I really didn’t know what to say.

I write a personal blog that mainly revolves around the happenings of my life and covers topics painted in pain on most occasions. Since I have been writing about the troubles and hardships I have recently been stuck in, I can totally understand the little room such posts leave to comment on.

Don’t panic just because the blog gurus swear by the importance of leaving comments at all posts you read. Don’t feel low because you fail to tell me that you read what I had to say, even felt my pain but were at a loss of words when it came down to writing a comment. Don’t switch windows and wonder what new can I tell her than what I wrote to her in her last post.

Take it easy. I know my blog is very new with very limited readers. The real reason why I write this blog isn’t for popularity or showcasing my writing skills (if any). But whoever visits it, has always left me feeling more positive and optimistic than ever before. You are my hope. You help me stay strong. Your presence tells me I am not alone talking to the deaf world. Whether you have anything to say or not, just stay. Your being around means a lot. The stats counter keeps my mind ticking and my fingers typing.

Break-ups are named so because they literally break you up from the inside. From the soul to the physical self, from your mind to your heart all that is left is hurt and pain. It’s your patient ears  reading that has helped me open up and let go off all the pent up emotions.

I love sharing my story. It’s endlessly healing. ~ Ben Vereen

Thank you for being around, it all means a lot to me now and will mean the same forever.

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16 thoughts on “When you say nothing at all

  1. ME – hugs.. don’t get poked by such readers.. you know your true readers and why you write.. Not everyone can write so beautifully at a down phase (yes I secretly admire your writing style but didn’t say it so long as the posts were painful and I was not sure whether it will hurt you if I say that). This blog will appear as a great treasure for you few years later. when you are in a different phase of life, when you question yourself about this phase and your decisions just come back to this blog. you have all the answers here that will pacify your mind.. you are writing it for you and your future and your daughter….


  2. Yes dear we are here to hear you and help what ever we could. Writing those painful incidents do relive you and make you clear to choose the right decision. Take care and lot of hugs to you and the little sweetheart..


  3. Just read through your archives and I am amazed by your strength and grace. As a pregnant woman and a new mum, I cannot imagine what you went through right after your baby was born. Rooting for you, that these hard times will pass.


  4. Loads and Loads of Hugs MyEra.This is such a moving post. I have heard someone saying that when you feel sad or angry just write it on a paper and tear it into pieces. You will feel better.

    I like the way you put forward your thoughts, even your comments are very clear 🙂


  5. My era let your feelings pour out in terms of words through this blog.Its your personal space and if penning down your emotions gives you satisfaction then just do it and yes ofcourse we are always there by your side.


  6. Ah ME,

    I can’t NOT comment on most of your posts.
    I know my comments can get repetitive, because I have no idea how to relate to that kind of pain. I try to understand what it might feel like. More often than not, I completely fail to understand beyond a very superficial level.

    But I will still comment, I will still try. Not because the blog gurus say I should but because I just want you to know that in some weird, foggy, virtual, and completely inadequate way, this pseudonymous blogger is here for you. That this blogger is completely awed by the sheer mental strength you demonstrate.

    That you, are TRULY an inspiration.


  7. I have read every word that you write and you write so beautifully. I read even though I know I will be sad after doing so. I read because I can see what a beautiful human being you are & how strong. I read because I HAVE to. I also comment, but not as much as I would like to, but know that I am here…always! HUGS!


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