It being a very hot afternoon, packed with never-ending mischief by Pari, I decided to celebrate her nap with a movie. I am not a TV fan and watching movies with long advertisement breaks on TV isn’t my cup of tea, when I just want to enjoy a movie non-stop.

I was looking for inspiration to help me decide which movie to watch, just when I recalled a favorite song, Kabhi neem neem, kabhi shahad and at once decided on watching Yuva. 

I had seen the movie first-day, first-show with my friends in college. Though I had forgotten the movie plot details, but I did remember being very impressed with it at that time. Eight years down the line, when I saw the movie again, I did note a few changes in my reaction towards the same.

All the actors looked so young as compared to the way they look now. When I thought of this, I immediately looked at my own-self in the mirror and I could see how I too had changed tremendously in this brief period.

The songs that I had been a huge fan of in college, didn’t create any tingle in my system. A sure sign that I have lost that chirpy, youngster in me that loved peppy music. The most important reason I feel so is lack of a company of old friends, as against the last time when I had enjoyed the movie.

The most striking being, when I had last seen Yuva I was very impressed with the ideals the movie portrayed on the need of the youth of the country to take active interest in national issues to help our country’s progress. But today, my mind was more focused on the characters played by Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee (Lallan & Sashi). The reason being altogether different from what I had felt when I had seen the movie eight years ago.

Where I had only seen the passion of their love when I had seen the movie earlier, today my mind was stuck at the way Lallan (mis) treats his wife. Beats her, insults her and her family, continuously tells lies, makes promises that don’t last longer than a few minutes and eventually dumps her, and on each of those occasions Sashi forgives him and tries to adjust and change him. I understand the issues in my personal life are somewhere behind this observation, but I can see myself as having grown in my perspective and understanding of relationships over time.

I, who was once thrilled by the way Kareena Kapoor (Meera) returns to her lover calling off her wedding, today saw it under an altogether different light. On one hand it sounded like a very sensible thing to do and on the other, I couldn’t stop admiring the open-mindedness and practical approach of Kareena’s character in the movie.

Another important one being, like Arjun (Vivek Oberoi) I too once wanted to be an IAS officer and spent many years(till almost 10th standard) thinking in lines of going for the UPSC exams, but then life took me to different waters. I never ever wanted to go overseas, but I did get married and move abroad only to return to the people and the country I always belonged to.

Despite the dramatic change in my perspective, I must admit, I still liked the movie just as I had the first time I had seen it. The best part being the way the lives of three young men cross path on a fateful day and how their life-stories have been spun to include that one moment of time. Excellent plot with amazing direction.

I had not intended to write this post as a review of the movie but to record how much I have changed as a person in the past eight years.

The song on my mind: Kabhi Neem Neem ~ Yuva

41 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. I have found myself thinking the same about a lot of movies which I once enjoyed but don’t see them in the same light any more. How a few years make a difference in our thought. A great post. I missed reading your blog. Mom is here so have been busy spending time with her. Will catch on all I have missed soon.

    Hope all is well! 🙂


    1. I agree with you Tanvi.
      But with Yuva, I felt I have changed as a person to a very great extent. I now think clearly can understand the deeper meanings behind all depictions and things seem to make better sense than it used to when I saw all these movies earlier. On a positive note, I have not wasted all these years 😉 😛

      Hope your mum is having a wonderful time…take your time…I’ve been good and glad to hear from you 😀


  2. I wasnt a big fan of the movie..I dont know why..I hated AB Jr’s character in it..and I dont know why either…I watched it in the theatre having hearing great reviews, but somehow, ended up wondering what was great about the movie..but I remember liking Kareena’s skirts in the movie 🙂


  3. The other song with Vivek Oberoi and Kareena (I guess it’s the title song), is my favorite song in the movie. I remember watching the trailers back then and being amazed at them. Somehow, I didn’t see that movie back then. I saw it only recently after buying the DVD and keeping it in the shelf for many years! I thought the character of Ajay Devgan and Hemamalini’s daughter (what’s her name? I forgot!) were the best.

    Destination Infinity


  4. Perspectives change over time… In fact there are times when I watch the same movie again and love it when I hated it the first time I saw it!! I guess the company you are with and the circumstances in life, all of these affect the impact a movie has on us! 🙂


    1. That’s so true. The movies (art movies) were something I used to find very boring and a waste of time as a kid, but when I see them now, I somehow find them worth watching and making a lot of sense 🙂


  5. Cummon ME, call up ur old friends, the one with whom u saw the movie then, and share a lighter moment with them..Enjoy 🙂


    1. That is such a cool idea Jo…I have actually been thinking about them ever since I saw the movie…maybe I should give them a buzz 😀
      Loved your comment 😀


  6. I liked Yuva! Even though I loved Abhishek Bachan’s acting in the movie, I didnt like his character one bit even then, found his ruggedness and constant abusive traits very disturbing and what I found even more irritating and annoying was how Rani Mukherjee gave in to him always only to get ill-treated and abused again! aargh!

    Loved Kareena Kapoor’s character for its progressive portrayal, like you rightly pointed out.

    Excellent music and yes direction too!
    Loved reading this review ME!


  7. greenboochi

    I have not seen the movie in all three languages they made till now 😐 I somwhow didnt feel like watching it though I love all the songs from the movie.

    I really liked your post ME. There are many such movies that we would have enjoyed as kids, teenagers and grownups. Only a few hold the same place even after many many years.. We will be appreciating new things and some things that we loved as teenagers would no longer be interesting…

    A very interesting introspect with reference to the movie..


  8. Sigh. Miss the innocence of that age. These never ending responsibilities force all of us grow up and change our prespectives. Your post made me so nostalgic. Really miss those fun times and friends. Now life is all about kids, and work, and husband and in laws and parents …. Arrrrgh!


  9. I so agree with you. The movie we see once and like for some reasons, the other time when we watch it we notice something very different. I have missed watching this movie for reasons unknown. But now after reading you review you would catch it next time it is coming on the television.


  10. All I can do it smile… in fact when you least expect it…when you see movies from the past, you realize that your perspective towards a lot of things have changed….and it shows how much you yourself have changed in life.

    And about Yuva, I have seen it only in parts. But for God’s sake, what were they thinking when they made Ajay Devgan a college student and Esha Deol his teacher?! 😯 The reverse would have made far more sense! 😛


    1. Esha isn’t Ajay’s teacher I mean it hasn’t been shown that they were in same college. I was actually quite surprised on seeing that possibility in your comment. (now am wondering how come I missed noting this?)


  11. I had seen the Tamil version and had loved R Madhavan:)
    Didn’t watch the Hindi one.
    How are u Era??? and how is Nanhi Pari???


    1. Did R Madhavan play a student leader in the Tamil version?
      We’ve been OK Gayu….long time…hope all’s good at your end 😀
      Lots of love to sweet Samu 😀


  12. I vaguely remember watching the tamil version of this movie but couldn’t recollect the details 😦 but I liked most the songs in the movie and they are still in my playlist 🙂
    coming to change in self over years I have always wondered about it.. though my college/school friends say I haven’t changed a bit I could fee the transformation myself though I don’t know if its good or bad.. once upon a time I was that innocent girl who believed everything at first sight.. My friends need not work too hard to fool me.. it was actually their timepass.. 🙂 I remember several incidents where they have fooled me and laughed at it for weeks.. Now, I believe that I am not that kind anymore but I see Adi as my reflection 🙂
    did I comment in relevant to this post? don’t know.. just typed everything that came to my mind hope you don’t mind 🙂


    1. Same pinch Ani…I too have been the one to take people by their face value, it’s just recently that I am gradually changing myself to not be fooled ever again
      Hugs dear


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